50% chance of ANOTHER kicker tax refund


By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The State Economist Mark McMullen with the Office of Economic Analysis spoke before a State Legislative panel about Oregon’s forecast and a future Kicker Income Tax Refund is possible.

There is a “50-50 proposition” that Oregon taxpayers may be receiving another Kicker Income Tax Refund. Already the State is $582 million above forecast and above what lawmakers have budgeted for.

If conditions continue on this pass the Kicker would be set into motion in 2026.

Even though, Oregon income taxpayers would be receiving a $582 million in refunds, the kicker for businesses (at $588 million) would not be returned to businesses but is diverted to education funding.

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon has been the leading defender of Oregon’s Kicker Income Tax Refund.


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