Lars: Trump trial like bad game of Clue

 Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Who knew you could run a major courtroom trial like a game of “Clue”?

By “major” I mean the criminal trial of a former President, clearly intended to affect the outcome of a Presidential election.

We absolutely KNEW the fix was in, when New York’s court system, required to assign Judges to criminal cases randomly, managed, out of 28 available Judges, to pick Democrat donor Juan Merchan over and over again.

Merchan, whose daughter makes a six-figure salary raising millions of dollars for top democrat, now oversees his third Trump- related trial.
Random, my fat backside.

Now, Judge Merchan tells 12 jurors they don’t have to unanimously decide which crime Trump committed, only that 12 agree he committed SOME crime.

In about 100 criminal trials I’ve covered over the years, I’ve never heard a Judge give THAT direction, and none of the lawyers I’ve asked this week have either.

In “Clue” you can tag Col. Mustard in the library with a pistol, or the kitchen with a steak knife, or the garden with a lead pipe…as long as it’s Col. Mustard.

Judge Merchan tells jurors, just get 12 of you to decide the Evil Orange Man is guilty of something.

You want to live in an America with THAT kind of justice system?