Street Propaganda #1: Libs now favor guns?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

This sticker, outside one of Portland’s most famous restaurants, features a call to arms in defending the environment.

You have an “A'” symbol which implies Anarchy.

You have a symbol of a wrench in the gears which is the call to inject disruptions into society/institutions/systems as a way to sow chaos and wreck it.  See also Mario Savio’s famous speech.

You have a symbol of a rifle which implies armed resistance.   During the street takeover protest on election night 2020, Anarchists had masked men with rifles patrolling the marchers.  You had armed Anarchists guarding the occupied Red House when several city blocks were barricaded. This is interesting since the same anarchists also favor disarming police as seen below with this flyer at the Portland Protest.

— If you see “Street Propaganda” please email us:

— The Taxpayers Association is launching a series called “Street Propaganda” to highlight when Oregon activists mass produce flyers or stickers in an attempt to litter a City in hopes of swaying (or intimidating) public opinion.