Sen. Boquist: No-warrant search of our homes for guns?

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter


We will hold off on legislative comments until we see what bills the Governor signs into laws along with awaiting some bill interpretations from the legal drafters.  As example, proponents of SB 554 claim a police officer’s belief an unlocked firearm is in someone’s home is probable cause to enter and search without a warrant.  Maybe a ‘Karen’ told the officer or someone heard something.  Given rogue police actions the past eighteen months, known illegal police raids, and police attempting to arrest legislators without judicial process or warrants, this has become the norm across Oregon.  Try telling an armed masked unidentified police officer with an M-16 rifle kicking in your door you have constitutional rights … see how that works out in the middle of the night.  More to follow once the Governor signs a variety of bad bills on OLIS into law along with establishing the government rules for the laws.  Basic re-write to serve government.


Evictions have been “paused” in July and August. The eviction moratorium makes it so landlords lose too much money on their property, so they sell to large companies buying up land to stave off insolvency. This fuels the great reset even more, transitioning ownership away from the middle class and into the hands of rich globalists (you will own nothing and be happy).

On vaccines: one astute Oregonian points out a press release from the CDC and FDA. Pfizer is pushing for booster COVID-19 shots, but these agencies have a vested interest in preventing the booster because they want the vaccine to look flawless. Pfizer, on the other hand, is a greedy, Big Pharma company that wants more $, especially after the US government took over the COVID-19 vaccine patents. The statement says: “Americans who have been fully vaccinated do not need a booster shot at this time.”

Biden is calling for a very creepy door-to-door campaign to get unvaccinated Americans vaccinated. Why the need for vaccine passports if the administration already has the information about who is vaccinated and who isn’t?


OR-OSHA, the bloated agency run by unelected bureaucrats has been given even more power by Gov. Brown. The agency was recently directed to deploy “temporary” rules to shield workers from the extreme heat after a farmhand died.

Additionally, Gov. Kate Brown issued yet another Executive Order that called for Oregon government agencies to limit their water use in a show of virtue signaling. Why weren’t these measures deployed before the 2020 fire season and unprecedented wind event?

While the 2021 fire season promises to be devastating, Gov. Brown’s actions are little more than an effort to grab more power as she continues to turn Oregon into California.