What I left at the Normandy D-Day memorial

By Jason Williams
Williams is the founder of the Taxpayers Association of Oregon and Oregon Catalyst

In 2013, I visited the beaches of Normandy and the American D-Day Memorial.

Before I left, I asked my friend, Bill Moshofsky (Founder of Oregonians in Action, now called Oregon Property Owners Association) to write a note to his thoughts on his own experience coming through Normandy.


I also, did my own tribute to my friend who had passed, Vern White (part of Oregon tax Research).   Vern served in WWII and I made this memorial to him.  Each tribute card I surrounded with coins of Churchill, Kennedy and Eisenhower.



I strongly suggest that if you are going to visit important memorials in America or around the world, to bring and leave your own tribute cards at the site.  I stash plastic flowers in my luggage to leave behind as well.

When people visit memorials and they see personal messages like the ones above it really strikes people’s interest and helps communicate that these memorials matter and that it involved real people than even today people care about.

People like Vern White and Bill Moshofsky were people who not only helped America win the war in WWII, but they went on to serve their Oregon by being leaders in civic groups like Oregonians In Action and Oregon tax Research.