Unions caught lying (again) by media

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Oregonian Sunday Editorial slammed the Portland Teachers Union for lying to the public. It was over extremely controversial school aids promoting teachers to teach anti-Israel propaganda (see details here).

Here is how the union was chastised for lying by the Oregonian Editorial Board:

“The teachers union has also exacerbated the situation with its contradictory stances. Initially, when confronted with community pushback, the union appeared to pull much of the offending material. Union president Angela Bonilla told The Oregonian/OregonLive’s Green that some of the materials had not been reviewed prior to posting them on the website as their process requires. Yet, as Green reported, at least some materials were simply moved to a different location on the union’s website.To maintain trust with the community, the union should pull the links, not just shift them around. It should also conduct a full review of how this happened. And the teachers who make up the union membership should press the association’s leaders to come clean with the public about its mistakes. Already, several have expressed concerns regarding the actions the union has taken.”

The media calling out more political lying among the Portland Teachers Union is a repeat of seven months ago when same Oregonian slammed the same Teachers Union for using dishonest budget numbers in a teacher walkout strike.    Both The Oregonian and Governor Tina Kotek called for an end to the strike that forced children out of school spanning nearly three weeks.    Then the same union was criticized for making lost school days with fake Christmas school days where (wink wink) students were not required to attend (and nearly a quarter of students didn’t) but the school counted those days anyway.

Now the union faces a $100 million lawsuit from parents for the whole botched strike.

A recent poll showed that the credibility of Portland Teachers Union declined during the fiasco.

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