7 reasons to defend police $6M overtime over riots

Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Oregonian points out that some critics are concerned about the $6 million in overtime Portland Police have incurred during the Portland protests.

Here are some things you need to know:

1 – This is the result of over 130 days of rioting and violent protests.

2 – Here is what a typical riot looks like. Protestors show up unannounced and unexpectedly by the hundreds before a local neighborhood police station. Police are forced to show up in force to match the large crowd. The crowd will hurl verbal abuse, threats of violence and slurs (sometimes racial) at police standing guard. Under protection from the large crowd people throw paint, eggs, frozen water bottles and urine at the police line.  Lately it has escalated to rioters throwing Molotov cocktails right into a line of police. This all can continue for two to four hours or all night long.


2 – Since the politicians handicapped law enforcement’s ability to use tear gas and other crowd control agents, means that the riots last LONGER and cause MORE damage than if the police would have intervened earlier. In some cases you are doubling the police overtime expense because politicians don’t want police too be too assertive.

3. Once police do in fact break up a riot, by force or teargas, it only starts a new phase as rioters regroup a few blocks away in an attempt to march back to the police station and storm the station again. This means police are confronting rioters in people’s neighborhoods at 2:00 in the morning and breaking up smaller marches. This can continue to 4:00 in the morning.   Here is a map example of the 100th protest night and how extensive it becomes:

4. When police are not there in force, rioters have broken into governmental and police buildings and set fires in an attempt to burn them down — even if people are inside. This just shows that the police overtime is absolutely critical to the safety and livelihood of Portlanders.


5. Local politicians have actively blocked helping Portland Police by refusing to let them receive assistance from Federal Law Enforcement agents, the Oregon National Guard and at times blocking the Fire Department from helping provide logistical help.   Politicians even refused Portland Police request to allow City dump trucks to be used to create safe-blocks because they feared it would look like the City Council was supporting the police with City resources.

6. The riots have been made worse by the local District Attorney dropping over 660 criminal charges against protestors, basically allowing rioters to get away with hurting police and destroying property. Dropping some 80% of charges has resulted in the riots continuing in full strength and more abuse of our law enforcement (and more overtime).

These “kill cops” signs were done in one night in one area.

7. Imagine working 6-days straight, with many 8-hour nights of people raining death threats, rocks, Molotov Coktails and chemicals on you until three o’clock in the morning. The police may incur overtime but this is the worst overtime ever incurred by any state worker. No human being should have to endure under these circumstances.

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