Anatomy of a Portland scene

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Influential independent journalist Kevin Dahlgren has been documenting Portland’s homeless crisis.

Above is a photo from a video clip he did of man over-dosing in the middle of Portland’s Chinatown.

These are real hurting people who need help (and not free crack-pipes).

Sadly, the backdrop shows a closed import shop, that used to a be a shining star in Portland’s Chinatown — now gone.

Here is what “Great Era” used to look like.


The media chronicles Chinatown’s decline:



Another photo clip from the video shows large scale graffiti on the second floors of the businesses.

It also has the office of the very brave Oregon Chinese Coalition which is trying very hard to build a vibrant Chinese community in Chinatown and Portland.




Here is a view of the video as seen below.




Another video from Kevin of a person overdosing on drugs in the middle of Chinatown.



There is even more video from Chinatown:




We extend our hearts and prayers to these addicts and homeless people downtown, and work towards a more sane and sober policy of getting these people help as opposed to dangerous government funded drug hand-outs to coddle them on the path to suicide.


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