Lars Larson: Biden ahead of debate

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Remember when you first heard the story of the king’s new clothes?

Even a dumb kid like me wondered how any group of people could be foolish enough to ignore a potentate’s privates on full display.

Only today, we have the same kind of collective disregard for the definitive dementia of the President of the United States.

To put it politely, Joe Biden’s elevator ain’t going to the top floor anymore.

He showed up last week for the G7 summit of world leaders…appeared confused and began to wander off.

Italy’s Prime minister Giorgia Meloni rescued him by taking his hand and leading him back to the group like a small child.

Then this past weekend Biden joined Barack Obama, who may be the one actually calling the shots at the White House while Joe waits for ice cream, for a 30 million dollar fundraiser.

Once again, Biden froze on stage…staring off into space…and Obama was the one who led him offstage.

If those were the only instances, you could blame travel and fatigue.

But Joe don’t show up for many interviews and press conferences featuring staged questions and scripted answers for the President.

He won’t have that advantage ten days from now when he mounts that debate stage to confront the odds on favorite to win the Presidency less than five months from now.