Ballot Measure 110 Troubling News

Fix Ballot Measure

Press Release,

Earlier this week the news broke that Multnomah County is planning to implement reforms to Measure 110 that do not require or even incentivize drug treatment. So, in the past 48 hours we have kicked back into gear to generate media attention and raise public awareness about this failure of leadership. See the news below.

• Caught with street drugs in Multnomah County? Post-Measure 110 plan will offer drop-off center or arrest

• KGW: DA-elect Nathan Vasquez critical of Multnomah County’s ‘revolving door’ plan for drug deflection

• KOIN: MultCo. commissioners criticize revised Measure 110 for lack of treatment requirements

Here, you’ll find a letter from Max to Multnomah County Chair Pederson, DA Mike Schmidt, and Mayor Wheeler urging them to revisit the course they are on. County commissioner Julia Brim Edwards and DA-Elect Nathan Vasquez are speaking out and offering strong leadership where it is needed.

We wanted to keep you informed.