DeSpain challenges Val Hoyle to 6 debates

Congressional Candidate Monique DeSpain Challenges incumbent Val Hoyle to Six Debates
By Monique DeSpain for Congress campaign,

“Whether it is her radical voting record for open borders and skyrocketing inflation or hiding her public records from investigators looking into her unethical actions, it is time Val faces the voters and explains this atrocious record,” DeSpain


Eugene, OR –  Republican candidate Monique DeSpain challenged scandal-plagued incumbent Congresswoman Val Hoyle to six debates, one in each of the major counties in the district with at least three televised and the rest streamed online live or broadcast on the radio, to provide all voters across OR-04 the radical transparency and accountability they deserve when selecting their next Member of Congress.


“I am challenging Congresswoman Val Hoyle to six debates between August and October,” said DeSpain. “Val Hoyle has been the least transparent, least accountable Representative this district has seen in a long time. Whether it is her radical voting record for open borders and skyrocketing inflation or hiding her public records from investigators looking into her unethical actions, it is time Val faces the voters and explains this atrocious record. These debates will give voters a chance to hear and compare Val’s disastrous record of corruption and shilling for DC special interests with my track record of bringing people together to solve tough problems and my bold vision for securing our border and communities, restoring economic prosperity, and holding government accountable – starting with Val Hoyle herself.”


In her first term as our Representative, Val Hoyle has voted against fully funding veterans’ health care and benefits and voted to block pay raises for active-duty military personnel in July 2023. Earlier this year, Val Hoyle went to El Paso, TX, and praised open borders while lecturing her constituents who asked her, “Why don’t you just shut down the border?” explaining that “We need to have movement through the border and how much we need the workforce.” Seven weeks later, Texas National Guard Troops at an El Paso, TX checkpoint were overrun and assaulted by foreign military-aged males forcing their way into our country. These are the people Val wants to allow access to our limited veteran resources.  In a slap to law enforcement, Hoyle recently voted against H.R.7343, the Detain and Deport Illegal Aliens Who Assault Cops Act.


This past February, Willamette Week reported that Federal Investigators have expanded their current investigation into La Mota and ex-Secretary of State Shemia Fagan to include Congresswoman Val Hoyle’s $500,000 grant to La Mota’s non-profit while leading BOLI. A subpoena was issued just five days after Hoyle Challenger Monique DeSpain’s January 24th press conference announcing her letter to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon Natalie K. Wight, calling on Ms. Wight to expand her investigation to include Hoyle and her activities described as a “demonstrated pattern of corruption.” In early April, a story published by the national news outlet The Daily Beast stated that the U.S. Attorney’s office has confirmed Val Hoyle’s BOLI activities are now under federal investigation and, according to the newly publicized emails, which was featured in local TV coverage on KEZI ABC News in Eugene. A full chronology of the media reports of the Hoyle-La Mota-BOLI scandal can be found at At the end of May, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee moved Val Hoyle to its “frontline” list of vulnerable incumbents.


“During her time so far in Congress, Career politician Val Hoyle has consistently rubberstamped every catastrophic policy and instance of bad behavior by the Biden Administration at great detriment to the hard-working families and businesses of our district,” added DeSpain. “Voters have had enough, leading her own party bosses to recently list her as one of the incumbents most in jeopardy of defeat in 2024. Now the voters get to deliver the final measure of accountability this November by retiring Val Hoyle and deploying me to Congress.”


Monique DeSpain is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, mother of twin boys, and public policy advocate who resides in Eugene, Oregon. She is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Oregon’s 4th Congressional District in a bid to unseat incumbent Congresswoman Val Hoyle in 2024 and bring about a safer, more prosperous Oregon. Her campaign website is