Lars Larson: School’s failing common sense hurts kids

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Ice and snow closed schools for a week.

Incompetent management of Portland Public Schools let that cold do tens of millions of dollars in unnecessary building damage.

So now, nearly 900 kids need a new place to learn.

So far, PPS has fumbled that ball.

Let me suggest a solution.

The school district lost 17 percent of its students in the last 5 years as parents wake up to the woke indoctrination shoved down the throats of their kids.

And I did the math.  Portland has 8.1 million square feet of school space, which works out to 180 square feet per child.

Brand-new schools in America average about two-thirds of that.

So we have a lot of underused buildings already, and a dropping school population.

Lots of people and companies reconfigured their space needs after the pandemic, including my flagship radio station (FM News 101 KXL), and saved big bucks.

It’s long past time for failing public schools to do the same.

The schools sort of figured out remote learning these last few years.

For goodness sake, the next time classes shut down unexpectedly, can we please keep the kids learning online so unionized teachers actually do something to earn their paychecks.