Street propaganda #2: Libs warn Biden “Come November, We’ll Remember”

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A pro-Hamas poster was plastered and vandalized on a Bend, Oregon, public utility box that warned President Joe Biden that “Come November, We’ll Remember”.  The poster features Biden in front of the names of selected Hamas leaders (Hamas is a U.S. & EU designated terrorist organization that has been criticized for using millions of American charity aid to make weapons and put their soldiers on the government payroll).

These posters are covered in glue, so that it makes it difficult to remove.

The warning to Biden is part of a build-up where  pro-Hamas political supporters are calling for a rally on the Democrat National Convention this August.  Here is one flyer announcement.

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— The Taxpayers Association is launching a series called “Street Propaganda” to highlight when Oregon political activists mass produce flyers or stickers in an attempt to litter a City in hopes of swaying (or intimidating) public opinion.