School choice petition falls short of ballot

By Let them Learn PAC,

Fellow Oregonians,

I have disappointing news to share. We pressed the pedal to the metal until the end, but it is clear we are going to fall short of our signature goal to put School Choice and Open Enrollment measures on this November’s ballot. With the incredible efforts of our tireless, committed volunteers, we collected over 52,000 signatures for School Choice and over 43,000 signatures for Open Enrollment.

While it doesn’t meet the required number to qualify for the November 2024 ballot, I’m incredibly proud of the work of our team to get this far. These numbers are the results of volunteer labor, without paid signature gatherers. These volunteers have labored for over a year, in every corner of the state, and their efforts didn’t just yield these signatures. They informed Oregonians all over the state about the possibilities and benefits of School Choice and they’ve ignited a movement that is just getting started.

Let me be clear. While we won’t be on the ballot this November, we will be back.

The school choice wave is spreading and it’s only a matter of time.

• 70% of Oregon voters want an ESA-style school choice program.
• 77% of Oregon K-12 parents want it.

Families deserve to be empowered. Students need education options that challenge them and meet their unique needs.

We cannot expect Oregonians to put up with a lack of high school graduation standards, falling proficiency, increasing violence, skyrocketing absenteeism, and dropping enrollment in our public schools as is so often reported in the headlines.

School Choice is the answer. Putting students and families first and customizing education to the unique needs of students rather than confining them to one-size-fits-all options dictated by income and zip code – this is the wave of the future.

Over the next months, our team will be regrouping and preparing for the next steps. Education Freedom for Oregon and the Let Them Learn Oregon campaign are more energized than ever to open school options to every family and student in Oregon and we won’t be going anywhere until constitutionally protected School Choice is a reality for every Oregon student.

That means we are still in need of more volunteers! JOIN our team to continue the momentum here >>

In closing, while I’m disappointed with today’s outcome, I’m also filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the conversations we had. For the voters with whom we shared information about the benefits and protections of our constitutional school choice measures. For the hope we sparked. I want to thank every one of you who signed, volunteered, gathered signatures from family and friends, and donated to this cause. You have been part of igniting this movement. We hope you’ll join us in what’s next – and we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

As always…stay tuned!

The best is yet to come.