Lars Larson: 25 in Congress may press for Biden exit?

Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Joe Biden’s campaign is not long for this world.

I figure it expires before the end of Independence Day weekend, if not sooner.

His catastrophic debate less than a week ago, leaves America’s demented, six-hour-a-day President 9 points behind in the latest Harvard/Harris poll.

Biden’s excuses run the gamut, but they fit with Democrats like Obama, who always found someone else to blame for his own failure.

Bad debate prep is a howler.

Biden had a week off at Camp David, complete with afternoon naps, and he quit two days early over fatigue.

This week, in front of donors that HE wants to fund his post-iceberg Titanic of a campaign he blamed his pathetic performance on overseas travel just before the debate.

By the way, Joe Biden returned from his most recent trip a full 13 days before the debate.

His rationalizations won’t wash and members of his own party are headed to the lifeboats.

Reuters reports this morning that 25 members of Congress, all Democrats, plan to ask Joe to exit stage left even though millions voted for him and it’s too late to remove him from the ballot in some states.

And the Party of Slavery claims it’s saving democracy?

The next question, and it’s critical, If Joe is too feeble to run again, is he even capable of running the country for six more months?