Sen. Bonham: 2nd Amendment case update

State pushes to appeal judge ruling in favor of the 2nd amend second amendment

By Oregon State Senator Daniel Bonham,

The Court of Appeals ruled the state could move forward to attempt to appeal a judge’s ruling in support of the Second Amendment by deeming Measure 114 unconstitutional.

A recap — Measure 114 barely passed in November 2022 which limits gun magazine capacity, requires government approval to buy a gun, gives private gun owners’ information to a government-run registry and more. Before the measure could go into effect — a judge found it unconstitutional. Which it is. Now, the state is trying to appeal this decision.

The right to bear arms is a constitutional right to protect its citizens from an out-of-control, tyrannical government. Needing the government’s permission to buy a gun is counterintuitive to this right and the point of protecting it. Further, it is not lost on me that the people who seek to reduce accountability for criminals seek to increase hurdles for law-abiding citizens. We all know that someone seeking to do harm with a gun (which is illegal) is not concerned with asking the government if they can first legally buy that gun.

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