PGE remotely adjusts people’s thermostats (new program)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Portland General Electric (PGE) will be implementing its Smart Thermostat Program during the current heat wave.  People who have signed up for this Smart Thermostat Program have given PGE access to their home thermostat and the ability of PGE to increase the heat beyond their desired level during heat waves.  In exchange for losing control over one’s thermostat during peak heat waves, PGE is extending cash credits.

The idea, is that during heat waves, people drop their temperatures (to stay alive) which increases energy use and demand which lead to blackouts.  Thanks to PGE, liberal politicians and environmentalists there is less energy available because they shut down Oregon’s coal plant which reduced supply.  That coal that would have been used in Oregon is now sold cheaper to undeveloped countries who burn it less efficiently — so it is a lose-lose situation — higher utility bills for Oregonians while creating MORE pollution.

They also spent nearly a quarter billion of Oregon tax dollars paying people to buy electric vehicles which have put an extreme strain on the electric grid.

Now we have utilities paying people not to use electricity when they need it the most.

P.S. for a funny reference, please Google HAL 9000.

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