Gov. Brown issues water declaration. Water shutdown next?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon has been hit with both a heat wave and a drought that started months ago.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued a new water declaration.  OPB reports, “Oregon Gov. Kate Brown called on Oregonians Friday to be mindful of how much water they’re using in what’s emerged as a hot, dry summer, but she stopped short of calling for water restrictions. On Friday, during an interview with the public radio program Hear & Now, Brown said she is encouraging residents to use their water resources wisely. “I am asking Oregonians to be very aware of the challenging weather conditions we are facing right now,” she said…“It is a sign of changing climate and we will be working to ensure that our communities have the tools they need..”

After Covid restrictions longer than 46 other states, it may be within the Governor’s tool box to start issuing some form of water rationing, scale-back or other restrictions.  In times past, there have been lawn watering bans in Oregon.

What can Oregon do to avert further water shortages and avoid further restrictions?

What should Oregon be doing right now?