Wingard Report: Tyranny of the Elites

The Tyranny of the Elites
Millionaire Democrats Explained

For a party that claims to represent the poor, the Democrat Party sure does worship a lot of rich people: Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, John Kerry, George Soros. How is it that these Democrats were able to get rich in a country they claim doesn’t give people a fair shake? Edwards and Clinton especially came from modest means. If the deck is stacked against poor and lower income Americans, how did they become multi-millionaires? Most of the Hollywood liberals who spout this same rhetoric themselves came from low-to-middle income families. How did they do it?

My guess is most of them would make an argument about life in America being just one big lottery and how they just happened to be its random winners.

What a bunch of hooey. What you see in these multi-millionaire Democrat politicians is pure hucksterism. They’re selling the oldest snake oil in the world. They stir up the mob in order to lead it. “Elect me,” they say, “and I’ll take care of you. I’ll provide for you. Let me be your King–you poor peasants. I know what’s best for you.”

Of course you’ve probably noticed by now that the list of millionaire Democrat politicians is filled with people who didn’t come by their wealth through a lot of hard work. No. Most of them inherited the money, married into it, or used the government (class-action lawsuits) to get piles of it. No wonder they are so cynical.


Democracy is not an excuse for tyranny; It must be more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

There are only two kinds of politicians. Those who promise to use the power of government to give you something, and those who promise to prevent government from using its power to take something away from you. In reality, there are far more of the former than the latter. Why? Because it’s like owning a gun you don’t shoot, a car you don’t drive, or a meal you don’t eat.

Government is power. It’s the power to control other people and to tell them what to do. And it’s quite an addictive machine to control. There are far fewer people interested in going down to Salem just to keep an eye on the machine and not turn it on. No. By it’s very nature, the machine attracts people who have grand plans for other people’s lives and other people’s money.


When you hear “It’s a health and safety issue” or “It’s for the children” or “We must do this to save the planet” chances are 90% that you’re in the presence of Certified Smart People (CSP). No further action is necessary on your part. Just turn your life over to them. They know what’s best for you. CSP have advanced degrees, you see. They have formed task forces and commissions to study the issue. It’s all so complex, you see. All your worries about transportation, the environment, public education, criminal justice etc. are unnecessary. They have it all figured out. Worried about saving for your retirement or your health care needs? Why? They will take care of you. They promise.


Democracy: Two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

Representative democracy: Two thousand wolves and one thousand sheep electing two wolves and a sheep who vote on what to have for dinner.

Constitutional republic: Two thousand wolves and one thousand sheep electing two wolves and a sheep who vote on what to have for dinner, but are restricted by a Constitution that says they cannot eat sheep. The Supreme Court then votes 5 wolves to 4 sheep that mutton does not count as sheep.


How do I know my system of government (The Free Market) is better than the Certified Smart Person’s system of government (Socialism)? Because my system allows their system to exist within. You’re free in America to voluntarily pool your income with other like-minded people and provide “from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.” They can have their system and I can be free from it.

But their system does not allow my system to exist within. When they decide to restrict my property rights I can’t force them to compensate me. When they mandate universal health care I can’t opt-out (with my wallet intact). When they decide to redistribute my income to others I can’t refuse to cooperate.

When they have their system, no one is free from it.

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