Who is John Galt?

Ayn Rand’s epic novel, Atlas Shrugged, is finally coming to the silver screen.

Whether you’ve read the book or not, you won’t want to miss Part 1 of the film, which debuts around the country the weekend of April 15-16-17th.

So far, the nearest confirmed theaters are in the Seattle area. You can help bring it to Portland, or a theater in your city, by “Demanding” it at the link below.

[UPDATE 3-25: The movie will open in Regal Fox Tower Stadium 10 theater Downtown Portland April 15th. Follow details on Facebook here.

The book was published in 1957, but the producers of the film have wisely set it in 2016. This way, Americans can see what’s coming if we don’t turn around the collectivist government in Washington.

It’s a great story, and a powerful warning. Don’t miss it; “Demand” it below:

More information about the movie:

Official Atlas Shrugged movie web site

Movie scene:
Henry Rearden Comes Home

Movie trailer

Steve Buckstein is senior policy analyst and founder at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research organization.