Cartoon Tax Tracker: The 7 deadly tax sins heading your way

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

As stated, please send this cartoon link to your email list, Facebook friends and Twitter Tweets so that people are aware that there is an army of new taxes and tax increases heading their way. Many of these taxes (paper bag tax, tobacco tax, cell-tax, Kicker Tax Refund raid) have already had their first hearing and are just a quick vote away from heading the floor for a full vote. Also, keep this Oregon Legislature Tax List handy for when you visit your lawmaker so you can show them how ordinary consumers are being singled out for a punishing list of tax increases. Many Oregon politicians will tell you that their favorite tax increase is just fine because it will not cost much. This cartoon shows that they offer this excuse for each individual tax just to pass it and then pile on other taxes the next week.

Seven deadly tax sins: Real estate transfer tax, cell-tax, soda tax, beer tax, cigarette-tobacco tax, and the paper bag tax (also known as the Oregon plastic bag ban).   That plastic bag ban & paper bag tax alone could cost consumers millions (read the Oregon plastic bag ban cost here or read  the SB 536 plastic bag ban bill .