Cartoon Tax Tracker: The 7 deadly tax sins heading your way

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

As stated, please send this cartoon link to your email list, Facebook friends and Twitter Tweets so that people are aware that there is an army of new taxes and tax increases heading their way. Many of these taxes (paper bag tax, tobacco tax, cell-tax, Kicker Tax Refund raid) have already had their first hearing and are just a quick vote away from heading the floor for a full vote. Also, keep this Oregon Legislature Tax List handy for when you visit your lawmaker so you can show them how ordinary consumers are being singled out for a punishing list of tax increases. Many Oregon politicians will tell you that their favorite tax increase is just fine because it will not cost much. This cartoon shows that they offer this excuse for each individual tax just to pass it and then pile on other taxes the next week.

Seven deadly tax sins: Real estate transfer tax, cell-tax, soda tax, beer tax, cigarette-tobacco tax, and the paper bag tax (also known as the Oregon plastic bag ban).   That plastic bag ban & paper bag tax alone could cost consumers millions (read the Oregon plastic bag ban cost here or read  the SB 536 plastic bag ban bill .

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  • Reper

    If all the taxes the Oregon Legislature is proposing were on this cartoon, it would drown the woman.

  • 1911-A1

    Great, more taxes in the middle of the obama recession (soon to be the obama depression)

    • Anonymous

      I know, right? If only the Bush administration could have stuck around for another four years we wouldn’t be in this mess. How stupid must Americans be to vote such a drooling moron as Obama into office! Made all the more painful by the fact that the economic powerhouse / dynamic intellectual duo that was the Palin/McCain ticket had offered itself up for the job. Obama is an Islamic, Mao worshipping, crypto-fascist, socialist pig!

      • Rupert in Springfield

        I very much doubt many would think the economy would be remarkably better if McCain had won or Bush had a third term. However I also doubt many think McCain would have done any worse than Obama had he won the presidency. In short, if you think people are thanking their lucky stars Obama is president rather than McCain in regard to the economy, you are dreaming. That simply isnt the mood out there.

        While no one thinks McCain or anyone would have pulled us out of the recession any faster, people are beginning to understand no one would have spent as much money on failed efforts as Obama has. Rightly or wrongly few think the stimulous did much of anything, and all are aware of its astronomical cost. Round two would be Obamacare, a project that most are against, and most are aware is vastly expensive and will cost the nation dearly.

        Obama as boy genius is a myth that never was and one few believe now. When your signature issue and legislative accomplishment, Obamacare, is now something even your most ardent supporters are suing to get out of, its safe to say you are genius no more.

        • Valley person

          Well, the few who do think the stimulus did a lot include the CBO, most economists, and apparently Wall Street, which is doing pretty well.

          What Obama supporters are suing to get out of Obamacare?

          • Lud Man

            You must be living in a dope engulfed cave down there in the Socialist Republic of Eugene/Springfield. First of all the CBO’s assessment was done under much duration, Wall Street loves it because Bary O in in cahots with them (while at the same time blasting them). Proof? Yes, the financial guys borrow money from the Fed at less than 1% and then hoard it to make their Balance Sheets look good and/or loan it out at 4%. Now that is an egregious return thanks to Uncle Suger and President BHO. Now, do you understand why Wall Street is happy?

            You have 4 law suits working their way through the courts regarding O Care. Plus, you have Bary and his people granting over 200 companies dispensation from conforming to O Care. Those idiots wanted that tax on Cadillac Health Plans, right? Yes, until their Union backers informed them that 60% of such plans are UNION Plans! That said, they give the Union people 3 to 4 years to come up with something until the tax kicks in. However, for the non Union slobs, they get 2 years.

            FFinally, with true unemployment/underemployment hitting 25% did the stimulus work? Only if you are a public employee…which maybe you are.

            Come on Cave Man, get a grip. This guy was an empty suit coming into the White House and he and his team still are empty suits.

          • Valley person

            I live in the Peoples Republic of Clackamas County, but never mind.

            So Barry the Kenyan socialist is in cahoots with Wallstreet? Doesn’t that just make your head explode?

            Yes there are lawsuits. They were filed by Republican attorneys generals, not by people who will get health insurance as a consequence of Obamacare, which was my point.

            No, I’m not a public employee, and no, unemployment is nowhere near 25%. The economy is growing, unemployment is dropping, and the stimulus has helped some people keep food on the table until things get better.

            And by the way, I think you meant duress, not duration, unless you think the CBO took too long.

  • wnd

    “Change we can ‘bereave’ in” – Oregon legislature convening annually.

    Be this the chains Oregonians have been waiting for – or miss biennial sessions yet folks?

  • Bob Clark

    I would like to see the Oregon legislature meet only once every four or more years, and even then, only for 45 days tops. The more this government body meets, the poorer and less free every day Oregonians become. What we’ve got now and have had for sometime is the old: “throw as much jello against the wall as you can and surely some of it will stick.” Come to think of it, there might actually be more orderly governance in the movie, “Animal House,” than the Oregon legislature.

  • Wolf Creek Ron

    The definition of a good tax is one that is on someone else.

  • Taxman

    Taxes like these are great as they finally hit the poor.

  • Outofowork

    I just hope I can use my food stamp credit card for the bag deposit ’cause I am not returning them.

  • Larry Sparks

    Any Republican that votes for these taxes must not get any “Precinct or State support” in 2012.

  • None of these taxes existed 50 years ago. Democrats and republicans can share the responsibility. Perhaps not equally as it is well known the democratic party is the tax and spend party. The party of massive entitlements. Nothing has changed in that regard. The more entitlements, the higher the taxes. That’s not rocket science. Many states are now bankrupt but rather than cut back on the entitlements angry protesters shout “tax the rich!” In the meantime the federal government is spending money we don’t have. Thank God states cannot print money. Oregon must cut spending and stop trying to figure out ways to dig further into our pockets.

    • HiC

      If none of these taxes survived 50 years ago, how then we ever survive?

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