Kitzhaber on education: One board to rule them all

Governor Kitzhaber urges Legislature to take critical first step to transform education in Oregon

(SALEM, Ore.) – This afternoon, Governor Kitzhaber, along with Oregon parents, teachers, school officials, and business leaders testified on behalf of Senate Bill 909, a centerpiece of his agenda to improve education in Oregon. The bill establishes the Oregon Education Investment Board, creating an efficient and accountable zero-to-20 funding and governance system for public education, integrating early childhood services, K-12 and post-secondary education and training.

“We have an opportunity to change course on public education to provide better outcomes for our students, more resources for educators and a more prosperous future for Oregon,” said Governor Kitzhaber. “The Oregon Education Investment Board recognizes that early childhood success is the foundation for our efforts to ensure the economic, health and academic success of Oregonians.”

The Oregon Education Investment Board will be appointed by the Governor subject to Senate confirmation, and chaired by the Governor to streamline administration and create a seamless, strategic education budget from zero-to-20 to meet Oregon’s education responsibilities.  The Oregon Education Investment Board will:

  • Develop an outcome-based budget that makes strategic investments across the entire public education system.
  • Streamline and connect early childhood services to the K-12 system, and the K-12 system to post-secondary education programs.
  • Consolidate early childhood programs by reconfiguring Oregon’s disparate early learning-related programs.
  • Improve K-12 education outcomes with tools developed by K-12 design teams.
  • Coordinate higher education institutions with a consolidated finance model and budget.
  • Measure results with an integrated, statewide, child-based data system to track expenditures and return on investment for education-related programs from zero-to-20.

“The strong show of support from teachers, parents, business and civic leaders for improving Oregon’s education system creates momentum for real change and better results for our children,” said Governor Kitzhaber.


  • Bob Clark

    Governor retread shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the overseeing of education in this state. His proposal does nothing more than further solidify the failing public edcuation monolith now shackling both parents and their children. Decentralization, not centralization, is what is needed. Parents and children should be allowed to take say half their public education dollars with them to whatever qualified education program they choose. This would force public education to compete both in price and quality, or die. The current system and the one Governor retread outlines is not for the children but for preserving existing bureaucratic institutions, which in the Portland Public School system are reportedly graduating only about half their students on time. If half the patients in a hospital were dying, would you think the solution is to make the hospital bigger? Only the insane governor retread and his central planning corp would think otherwise. This is the same governor who pushed the CAM/CIM testing fiasco.

  • Teacherspet

    This brave man will save us all from the troubles we have. He is to be saluted for his brave, bold reforms.
    What a guy.

    • noibn

      Yo Teacherspet: Oh, for Cylvia slakes, cut the carp, your ardor reeks like a thoroughly rotted red herring.

      • Teacherspet

        I am allowed to defend this fine man if I want.
        Thanks very much.

        • noibn

          Oh TP, you are so lutefisk sublime!

  • Jo-Ann

    Oregonian ~ Next election we have to get these rotten progressive,socialists, communist voted out of office.Democrats have killed our state. It is long over due that they all get our boots in their butts next election.Wake up people.

  • Steve Buckstein

    Too bad the Oregonian story on the hearing didn’t mention Sen. Larry George’s comeback to the American Federation of Teachers president. Sen. George pointed out that since 1970 the cost to educate each K-12 student in Oregon, after adjusting for inflation, has DOUBLED without seeing any better outcomes.

    Sen. George also expressed his concern to the Governor that his new 13-person board overseeing pre-k through college education risks pushing power up away from students, rather than down toward students and parents. The Governor assured him that the intent was not to stifle innovation with top-down control, but that’s how it’s likely to work out.

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