House GOP Opposes Kulongoski ID plan

Press release from House Republicans 4-2007:

Governor’s New Plan Out of Touch with Oregonians

SALEM””House Republicans today said they’ll oppose the Governor’s plan giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens. They’ll continue to support implementation of measures to secure drivers licenses and identification documents for citizens and legal residents.

“It’s wrong to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens,” said House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg). “The Governor’s plan establishes a double-standard, where it’ll actually be easier to obtain a drivers license or ID if you’re here illegally. It sends the message that driving is a privilege for Oregonians, but a right for illegal aliens.”

During the 2007 session, Rep. Linda Flores (R-Clackamas) and Rep. Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) led efforts to pass sensible immigration reforms. Among the reforms, House Republicans sought to require proof of legal presence for state benefits and require ODOT to report those who attempt to obtain these documents through fraudulent means.

“Oregon voters tell us they want drivers’ licenses limited to people who are here legally,” said Rep. Flores, the Deputy Republican Whip. Flores added, “I find it interesting that the Governor campaigned on how advanced Oregon was in securing our drivers’ license system. However, this new plan will only push us farther behind other states and moves us in the wrong direction.”

Rep. Thatcher questioned the Governor’s priorities. She asked, “Why do we want to continue making Oregon a magnet for illegal aliens? I thought the Governor is supposed to uphold the state’s laws.”


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    Of course they do, it’s an idiotic idea. Letting people who are in this country illegally drive legally? Does anyone else see the foolishness in this? Send them home!

    Now if some older folks are having a problem finding the proper documentation then let’s help them get it so they’ll have it in case they need it later in life. Everyone has a SSN and it’s not hard to identify people using legit SSN’s, all you have to do is ask. Identifying legal residents is not that hard, despite what a few shrill liberal voices might whine.

  • Sybella

    Who said our governor was bright. He’s a follower, not a leader.

    I’m an older folk, holy cow. I have my birth certificate. I can prove, I’m me. As a senior, I’m insulted that they think we can’t provide our documentation. You can’t get social security without it, and i’m willing to bet there aren’t any seniors out their going without because they can’t find their birth certificate. Get a life. I have one.

    • factcheck

      In the 1930s and 1940s, African Americans were not permitted to give birth in public hospitals in many places. As a result, they were born at home and were never issued a birth certificate. This is also true of many people born in rural areas where a hospital was not easy to get to. Regardless of how on top of your records you are, it’s pretty hard to produce a birth certificate when you never got one.
      Source here:

      • CRAWDUDE

        If they were born in the 30’s and 40’s then they are either recieving Social Security or eligible too so if you’re saying their are citizens in this country not recieving their fair due, they need to be identified and helped. Though I doubt there are many who fall into this category.

        If they have legally recieved a Social Security Number they are an American Citizen. The can contact their county courthouse and get the information needed to have an official birth certificate issued.

        I’m adopted and had to do it myself and it wasn’t that hard.

        I’m always amazed with what foolish “what if’s” liberals come up with to justify doing nothing about a problem.

  • Didi

    This is almost the most ludicrous thing I have heard in a long time. When are we Americans going to stand up for our rights? Why should anyone in this country illegally be able to have the privilege of driving on our roads? Maybe we should consider electing a conservative, instead of a liberal to run our state.

  • Gienie

    The Oregon DMV is currently working on a new drivers license model so that its safer and more secure.. the goal is to abolish fraud. Our SSCards have been the same since the 40’s… why haven’t we spent the money to make sure those cards cannot be reproduced.. why make another card at all?? American citizens have identification cards already…we need to fix the ones we already have. Seems to me that if we cannot recognize the failures of the past.. than isn’t is true to say anything we create in the future would also be flawed…

    What a farce!

    • Snow

      I had occasion to closely observe a fake Social Security Card. Everything was perfect down to the ridges that is supposed to tell you it isn’t fake. You are right, there does need to be something done about updating the cards. How are we supposed to know the difference otherwise. We don’t need a foolproof drivers license to identify us.

      • CRAWDUDE

        SSN has an accessible data base for state governments to use. I believe it’s the same one the government urges businesses to use to check the legal status of a potential employee.

        The fact is that this state refuses to make even a faint attempt at keeping illegals of the voting rolls, the tools are there to do it.

        A social seciurity card by its self is not a recognized ID by any state (though can be used as supporting data), never has been since they are paper and easy to reproduce. Why you saw a fake one is curious since it’s pretty much useless. The # on it is what is checked to see if it’s a legitimate # or a stolen / made up #.

        Even the slightest effort by our state government would easily take care of any issue pertaining to illegals stealing benefits from legal citizens. Would there be a few that might get by, sure………but a very few. Would a legal American citizen be somehow stripped of their rights, no! Every legal citizen has a SSN, Tax ID, etc… issued by the government …………at very worst by verifying their status they may actually find out that they are eligible for benefits they are not recieving.

        • Snow

          I had no reason to believe at the time there was a problem. Also the system you are referring to wasn’t available at that time to me.

  • Dan

    The biggest problem with the Oregon GOP is all of their positions or stances are taken quietly behind the scenes.
    If any party leadership is reading here I’ll have to give you a middle finger for your truly inept and weak approach to,,,,,well,,,, everything.
    There is no excuse for the party not publicly and agressively defending M37 and fighting M49. Time and time agian the Oregon GOP sits idle and quiet as the democrats and press define all things including the republicans.
    Every one of the current Republican leaders need to go away and be replaced with genuine leaders who are strong, assertive and conservative.


      I agree 100% Dan! They need to re-learn how to stand for “Something”! I mean anything…………….they have no identity anymore!

    • Ted Kennedy’s Liver

      100% agreed. Our GOP legislators need to grow some balls, and/or wew need to elect some with balls.

  • Dointo

    You’ve got to be kidding me? This guy wants to give illegals who are breaking the law by entering our country illegally drivers licenses without ID. Let me tell you a true story: The hospital where my brother was born lost his birth certificate. He tried literally for years to get it just so he could get his driver’s license and social security card. After a few years and many phone calls to different states and officials in those states, he finally got his birth certificate, social security card and his driver’s license. Our family has been in the US since before it was the US and some of our ancestor’s (the Native North American Indians) were here since God put them here.

    My brother has a wife and children and needed to get his children to a doctor, school, grocery shopping, etc…

    Does it seem fair that people who have broken the law are simply given driver’s licenses without ID? If you believe so, you must be joking and not in a funny way. I believe those responsible for the very strange and illegal idea of giving illegals driver’s licenses to drive in our country should be ran out of office as well as the illegals be tried for their crime of entering our country illegally.

    Speak up US Citizens! Don’t let them get away with it!

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