Wave building against Portland School Tax Measure 26-121

Several different groups are working against the massive Portland School Property Tax Measure 26-121.

1. Lawn Signs
2. Portland Rally this Wednesday
3. Oregonian Editorial Board asks for No Vote
4. How to help.

1. The Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC has No on Measure 26-121 lawn signs.
— If you would like a “No on 26-121” sign or would like to know where to pick one up you can email TAO-PAC at [email protected].  Please include an email and phone number so they can contact you.   

2. The folks at Good Growth NW are doing a downtown rally at City Hall.
Here are the details:
Vote NO On PPS TAX: Demonstration At Portland City Hall
Wed. April 27,  11:30 to 1:30
“It’s NOT About Kids. It’s About Adult Mismanagement Of Public Funds”
Visit their website here.

3. Oregonian Newspaper comes out against Portland School Tax Measure 26-121.

“…The bond represents a considerable burden in a community where taxpayers are still digging out from a recession and struggling with city taxes and utility bills that seem to rise unchecked. The median homeowner with a house valued at $275,000 and assessed at $145,000 would pay about $290 per year for the new bond — and that’s on top of the local-option levy.In this fragile economy, the combined tax hit is simply too high.”
Read Full Editorial here.

4. If you want to help to stop taxes increases both local, state and federal level.
You can donate to the larger cause online by going to OregonWatchdog.