Statesman Journal opposes Measure 49

The Statesman Journal Editorial Board opposed Measure 49

In fact, the only people who may benefit from Measure 49 are the lobbyists, interest groups and lawyers on either side. They’ll keep raking in money to support their sides of the argument.That’s why the Statesman Journal Editorial Board can’t support Measure 49, despite our passion for Oregon’s land-use system…That so-called Big Look was under way — until the Legislature cut funding for the task force. This was the same Legislature that put Measure 49 on the ballot.

Here are the latest updated list of opposition editorials and news articles on Measure 49.
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Here are the latest business organizations opposing Ballot Measure49:
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Beaverton Chamber of Commerce
Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce
Medford Chamber of Commerce
North Plains Chamber of Commerce
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