Statesman Journal opposes Measure 49

The Statesman Journal Editorial Board opposed Measure 49

In fact, the only people who may benefit from Measure 49 are the lobbyists, interest groups and lawyers on either side. They’ll keep raking in money to support their sides of the argument.That’s why the Statesman Journal Editorial Board can’t support Measure 49, despite our passion for Oregon’s land-use system…That so-called Big Look was under way — until the Legislature cut funding for the task force. This was the same Legislature that put Measure 49 on the ballot.

Here are the latest updated list of opposition editorials and news articles on Measure 49.
Hood River News
Democrat Herald
Dallas Chronicle

Here are the latest business organizations opposing Ballot Measure49:
Albany Chamber of Commerce
Beaverton Chamber of Commerce
Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce
Medford Chamber of Commerce
North Plains Chamber of Commerce
Salem Chamber of Commerce
Washington County Businessmen’s Association

  • John Fairplay

    Well, good for them. Clearly there’s some actual thinking going on at the S-J Editorial Board. This is more than one can say for either the Oregonian or Register-Guard Editorial Boards, which seem to simply adopt the progressive/liberal/Democrat/union line and run with it – no matter how ridiculous or outrageous.

  • rural resident

    I’m not sure that the Big O or the R-G are really on the unions’ side on this one. Especially the public employee and teachers unions. If you believe that most of the M37 claims will actually result in development (and that’s a stretch), then one result will be more tax revenues generated. More tax revenues = more $$ for state and local programs, and that helps protect public employees. M49 definitely hurts rural schools. Current laws restrain needed residential and commercial development that would put more students in rural schools — and more state school funding in those districts’ coffers. I’m surprised that labor organizations like OEA, AFSCME and the AFL-CIO, supposedly supporters of better wages and benefits, don’t seem to recognize the relationship between Oregon’s land use laws and the ability to fund government programs at the levels they want.

  • John Fairplay

    If people had control of their own land, they might start charter schools.

    The goal of the progressive/liberal/Democrat/union cabal is not for more people to have more freedom and more money. You can’t control someone who has freedom and money. They cannot advocate any increase in freedom or cash in individual’s pockets. People have to become more dependent on government programs first – they will then demand that the money follow. We’ve seen plenty of posts from folks on this very site who are anxious to put on the government yoke.

    Look, for instance, at what’s happening with the credit markets. People who couldn’t qualify under normal means got special mortgages they ultimately couldn’t afford. Rather than seek to teach these people – and the companies who made the unsustainable loans – a lesson they will never forget and making them stronger people and companies in the long run, Congress is working toward a bail-out. What is the lesson in that? Go ahead and take outrageous financial risks – the government will save you. All that does is create more dependency for a group of people that need to shake off the dependency they already have if they ever expect to be successful. The fact that some Republicans embrace this bail-out idea is completely wrong-headed.

  • Neal

    Choices and alternative modes?

    No way. That’s only for abortion and transportation.

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