We owe thanks to Senator Ron Wyden

A few days ago U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, along with Sen. Sununu and Sen. McConnell led the charge to pass a seven year extension of the Internet tax moratorium through the Senate chamber. Yesterday the extension passed Congress. This came at a time when many members of Congress were trying to let the moratorium expire at the November deadline, with high hopes that local governments will tack on tiny taxes as a source of new revenue.

Senator Ron Wyden has always been vocal about his fight against the Internet tax, and his recent efforts have scored a huge victory. Taxpayers around Oregon thank you Wyden (and we can say that on this website a little more freer because of your work.)

  • Dan E.

    Jason, it is a hallmark of class and civility when credit is given where it is due. I don’t agree with Wyden on most of his positions, but his (and your) stand on internet taxation is a good one – and I thank him without reservation or agenda. Thanks for putting this up. There are few sites around that would shelve partisanship to give legitimate praise for good work from someone across the aisle – but Oregon Catalyst is one. Lord knows we won’t ever be burdened with this inconvenience over at BlueOregon.

    Good work. You are a credit to this site, and to the general spirit of politics that we all hoped was out there at one point.


    Good work!

  • Bob Clark

    Senator Wyden has a lot of upside if he would extend this free market thinking to other issues such as energy. For instance, his constant badgering of the nation’s oil industry scores him headlines as a perceived crusader for the consumer, but I think it has only contributed to the recent gains in oil prices and actually hurt the consumer. Oil prices are no longer controlled by U.S oil companies but rather the likes of OPEC and Russia. Restricting U.S oil companies allows OPEC and Russia even greater leverage over oil prices. But Wyden’s belligerence plays well with the electorate. So, one can’t blame him too much.

  • Jack

    Yes I agree Thank You Ronny—Now take your Socialist Communist body out of Washington D.C. and Resign, and let true American Capitolists run the show.

    Thanks again