Will there be a kicker tax surprise?

Will there be a kicker tax surprise?
— We hope not!   But the bad bills are in place.
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

There are over seven bills in the State Capitol that deal with taking the people Income Tax Kicker Refund.   Here is a list of those bills HJR2, HJR 16, HJR 32, HJR 37, SJR 10, SJR 26, SJR 30.

The Oregon House is expected to vote on a kicker bill the week of May 23-27th.

As the Legislative Session nears the end, any one of these bills may pop up for a last minute grasp at raising your taxes.   Remember, the last time a kicker refund check was sent, many kicker checks averaged over $600.  



Last year there was an effort by then Governor Kulongoski to raid the Kicker during the February Special Session.  We opposed it then and it was encouraging that the governor backed off from his proposal.  At least until he brought up the idea again in late summer for his future budget recommendations where we suggested that the Kicker Income Tax Refund be taken for a way to balance the state budget (read here Kicker Tax Raid resurfaces).

When the 2010 Kicker Tax Refund debate happened we issued this cartoon.  We think it is appropriate to today.

If you want to protect your kicker then please call your lawmaker at 1-800-332-2313.  You can also financially support the effort here.