GOP Presidential hopeful Gov. Tim Pawlenty coming to Oregon?

by NW Spotlight

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty may be coming to Oregon. A source at the Oregon Transformation Project is saying that they’ll be hosting an event with Governor Pawlenty – tentatively scheduled for mid-summer.

Gov. Pawlenty announced his candidacy a little over a week ago, on May 23rd, in Des Moines, Iowa.

Gov. Pawlenty on ‘Hope and Change’: “Together, we’ll CHANGE our country. And this time, it’ll be for the BETTER”

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  • Volunteer Political Genious

    YAAAAWN. We all know the only way too win against the Food Stamp Pres. – Obama’s Billion dollar campaign machine, is big money and big name recognition.
    That has too be…Romney, Palin or Trump. Gingrich already blew his chance and Paul is too extreme.
    Plus Pawlenty is on record of haing an “F” regarding the issue of Illegal immigration. One of the top reasons we are in this financial mess.

    Note too Tim Pawlenty: We do not need more spoliers who just dilute the monies available to spend for a camapign and put too many options on the nomination ballot. PLEASE help us to get a Republican President in 2012 and walk away from this bid now. 

  • John B.

    I like Allen Alley & I think more people like him with his temperament should be involved in both parties, but I gotta ask… Why has the Republican Party so readily adopted the Rush Limbaugh perspective of hoping the President fails? What happened to honest contests? Aren’t you supposed to sway a voter by making them believe that your candidate is better than the other guy? Does that swaying have to include 2 years of personal attacks against the other guy? I think not. I’m not sure if most in the Party have caught on to the fact that crying wolf for 2 solid years makes it difficult for swing voters to listen to any real contrast pieces. This is the most negative National Republican Party in my lifetime. It’s like there’s nobody but the ghost of Lee Atwater running the opposition & only character assassination practitioners need apply. They can’t simply contrast themselves & their preferred policy prescriptions, they have to talk about the President of the United States in the most disrespectful terms possible. Everyday the sky seems to be falling, but every following morning we realize that the GOP’s Harold Camping predictions are wrong. After the 2006 & 2008 losses, I was hoping the Party would really start thinking about what they had done poorly (letting the former Administration have full sway over Congressional legislation comes to mind) & start searching for a way to present the best possible face & policies to the American people. The Democrats certainly did this. After 1994 &. yes, after 2000. The Republican Party, from top to bottom, instead chose to tell the majority of American’s, that voted for the President over John McCain & Sarah Palin, that nothing was wrong with their recent nominees or policies: there was something wrong with the President & any person that voted for him. Does anyone in the Party still think about the unfunded programs (Medicare Part D) & unfunded tax cuts that the Party gladly put in place & has yet to propose to fix? I guess not. I can’t take the Party seriously. They’re always in the gutter & irresponsible as allgetout. Having been raised by a good parent, I have no idea why anyone would vote for the Republican candidates, based upon how they’ve conducted themselves in their pursuit of the office they are seeking & how many huge policy mistakes they have made. Do they have a memory of what they did when they had control of the entire Federal government? Did their parent’s not raise them right? Like I said, I like Mr. Alley, but I hope he keeps a fair distance from the poisonous National GOP sweepstakes. Successful Oregon Republicans have always been independent-minded & mostly conducted themselves with a lot more class than their Party compatriots from other regions…

  • oregonnative

    Wow, how can anyone answer to John B. He never gave a break to breathe.

    • valley dude

      A paragraph break would have been helpful. But if you take the time to read his words, they are spot on. The Republican party is headed off a cliff. They have been taken over by their craziest elements. I just hope they don’t manage to take the rest of us with them. 

      • Ozymandius

        same can be said of the democrats

        • valley dude

          Sure, it could be said. But it isn’t true. Democrats are not the ones advocating defaulting on our nations debt, which would tank the economy of the nation and possibly the world. That is a cliff. 

        • John B.

          (Apologies for no paragraph breaks)
          “same can be said of the democrats”? Moral equivalency games don’t justify bad behavior, especially when it isn’t true. Seriously, when did the Party turn into the neighbor kid who behaves badly & is about to be whooped because their answer is always “They did it too…”? Is it because people who answer that way know it isn’t true, but are doing their best to bring the “debate” down into the mud because they know they’ll win if they can pull their opponents down to a level they’re unaccustomed to fighting at? I think 2 years of this ridiculousness is enough. If there’s any hope in having a President that is someone Republicans prefer & want children to look up to, we have to stop desensitizing & fatiguing swing voters with nonsense. The President’s not evil & he’s conducted himself, on most days, with more class than our most recent Republican & Democratic Presidents. Is there a potential Republican nominee that can rise to that level & that occasion  From what I’ve read & seen, I don’t think it’s Tim Pawlenty. Perhaps Alley or someone with his temperament will run…

      • Founding Fathers

        Yeah, over at NWStalinism, er, I mean NWRepublican, the latest headline is that Mitt Romney made and “Amazing Blunder” by acknowledging what most scientists have been saying for years–the Earth is getting warmer and human activity is at least partially responsible.

        • Beep Beep

          “Once can never consent to creep when one feels the impulse to soar.”
           – Helen Keller

          FF’s impulsive soaring creepiness, raucously boosted, courtesy of Acme Brainfartz, Ltd. 


          • Beep Beep

            Typo – once should be ONE – altho’ that said, FF will drivel on and on and on.  Pity!

          • Founding Fathers

            I’m sure you’re looking forward to 3rd grade next year. That’s assuming your parents pay off the teacher so you won’t be held back for yet another year.

          • Beep Beep

            FF, you’re a left wing sicko more adept at pitching rour brand of drool-aid at BluecooOregon, monsewer!!!

          • Beep Beep

            Correct inflection:  FF, the color of YOUR brand of blue foolaid is so yellow urinalistic…even BlueCoupOregon icon help but wonder where your aim is going.      

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