Mowry files for Clackams County Commissioner

From Dave Mowry Press Release:

Dave Mowry announces Clackamas
County Commissioner Candidacy

Clackamas, Ore. — Today, long time resident and leader in local and statewide politics, Dave Mowry, announced his candidacy for Clackamas County Commissioner. Mowry is running for the seat currently held by Bill Kennemer.

Mowry is a small businessman, political consultant, and former aid to State Representative Linda Flores. He has also served on the Clackamas County Mental Health Council and the Clackamas Annexation Study Group. Mowry’s combination of business and political experience give him a unique skill set to serve Clackamas County.

“I know the ups and downs of both the public and private sector and know the importance of helping the most vulnerable among us,” said Mowry. “I also understand that businesses need an environment where they can thrive and prosper, providing jobs and security for county residents.”

If elected, Mowry will focus on improving public safety, mental health services, transportation, infrastructure, and growth.

“Dave Mowry’s ability to work with people of varying backgrounds and political perspectives makes him an ideal candidate for county commissioner,” said State Representative Linda Flores (R-Clackamas)

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