The Road to Economic Ruin Runs Through Obama/Clinton

The numbers were out Friday on the United State’s economic growth and it wasn’t good.  For the third quarter in a row the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was at 1.2% or lower.  (For those of you forced to endure an … Continue reading

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The Brits Got it Right on Brexit

On Tuesday morning, July 5, fifty-two percent of the Brits gave a quiet fist pump and issued a silent “YES” that they, in fact, got it right when they voted to exit the European Union.  There was probably another substantial … Continue reading

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Dodd-Frank: Solving the Wrong Problem

The past week marks the five-year anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Act allegedly designed to protect against another financial calamity like the precursor to the 2008 market collapse and the attendant Bush-Obama recession that for many continues today – seven years … Continue reading

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The Welfare Mentality and Dealing With Greece

According to European financial markets managers, the “bail out” of Greece began in 2009. In fact Greece has been sliding into bankruptcy for decades. That’s what happens when, in spite of weak economic growth you continue to grow the size and … Continue reading

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Obama and the General Motors Cover-up

General Motors Company (ruefully labeled Government Motors) has issued recalls for over 17 Million cars in the United States alone. Some 2.6 Million of those involved the faulty ignition switch that has been blamed for over fifty accidents and some … Continue reading

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Timothy Geithner – Protect Your Own.

When history is written the catch phrase that will best describe President Barack Obama’s two terms will be “Protect Your Own.” In a previous column I wrote about Attorney General Eric Holder’s recurring decisions to protect the Wall Street officers … Continue reading

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10 reasons for Detroit’s historic failures

by Eric Boehm | The city of Detroit declared Chapter 9 bankruptcy on Thursday, making it the largest city in American history to go through the municipal bankruptcy process. On Friday, a judge ruled that filing unconstitutional, but as the city sorts out … Continue reading

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Forbes: GM headed for bankruptcy, again

by NW Spotlight Louis Woodhill, writing in Forbes, predicts that GM is headed for another bankruptcy within the next four years, given current trends. While campaigning, President Obama has been touting his bailout of GM (with its unionized UAW workforce) as … Continue reading

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