Pursuing the Clintons

One of my favorite movies is The Sheepman starring Glenn Ford.  It is the story of Jason Sweet (Glenn Ford) who won a herd of sheep in a poker game and was bound and determined to graze the sheep on … Continue reading

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Why Not John Kasich?

Back in July of 2015, OregonCatalyst asked a group of us to rank the Republican presidential candidates based on a) their likelihood of winning the Republican nomination and b) their likelihood of winning the general election. For those who want … Continue reading

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Realigning the Priorities of Congress

Last week Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) “stunned” the political world by announcing that he was resigning as Speaker and from the United State House of Representatives at the end of October. I’m not sure why the “political … Continue reading

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Update on the Petition Requesting President Obama Resign

A month ago we started a petition drive requesting President Barack Obama to resign as being unfit for the office of President of the United States. At that time we promised to provide the results of our efforts. In a … Continue reading

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Act Two: Merkley and the IRS Scandal

Dr. Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate Hypocrisy is the scarlet letter of modern day politics, and Jeff Merkley is wearing it. From Main Street to Wall Street, Senator Merkley’s actions rarely match his rhetoric. Saying one thing, and doing another … Continue reading

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Obama announces new cabinet position: Secretary of Scandals

by NW Spotlight The White House announced Friday that President Obama has created a new cabinet position – the Secretary of Scandals. The President said “We need a way to track all of the scandals coming out of our own administration – … Continue reading

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Lars Larson: IRS abuses wrong and criminal

by Lars Larson There’s brand new evidence about what Lois Lerner and her cronies at the IRS were doing to target conservative Americans’ free speech. Republicans have finally released a report detailing some of the offenses committed by Lois Lerner … Continue reading

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Lars Larson: Time to send somebody to jail for IRS scandals

by Lars Larson It is long past time that somebody in the Obama administration got an outside agency to take a look at these IRS scandals. There were efforts by the Obama administration to use the IRS to go after … Continue reading

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Oregon Capitol Watch: It pays to sue the IRS

by Oregon Capitol Watch Petunia The Pork Detective sez: “It Pays to Sue the IRS!” SALEM-Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation’s Executive Director and former State Representative Jeff Kropf announces the IRS’s granting of their 501C3 tax exempt status after suing the … Continue reading

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The Obama Administration and the New Forms of Lying

“YOU LIE!”  These are the words shouted out by Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C) on September 9, 2009, during a speech by President Barack Obama to a Joint Session of the Congress, as Mr. Obama touted the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  … Continue reading

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Exercising the Role of Loyal Opposition

The dust up over the budget and the debt ceiling that consumed the attention of Congress and President Barack Obama for the past month was not resolved.  The disagreements were continued for another three months.  Nothing of substance will be … Continue reading

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Avoiding Responsibility at the Presidential Level

  In 1945, a serial killer, subsequently identified as William Heirens, left a message in the home of one of his victims – scrawled across the mirror in lipstick was the following: “For heavens sake catch me before I kill … Continue reading

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Senator Baucus and the IRS Scandal

The most dangerous man in Washington, D.C. could be Senator Max Baucus (D-MT). Mr. Baucus has been re-elected five times to the United States Senate with relative ease. He has amassed a re-election war chest of over $5 Million for … Continue reading

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