Several years ago I published the following column.  It has always been one of my favorites.  Since we will be traveling during Christmas week I have decided to lighten my load by republishing it. Christmas Day, December 25, is the … Continue reading

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Group will pursue Religious Freedom in courts, not ballot measure

Friends of Religious Freedom Friends of Religious Freedom Will Seek To Enforce Constitutional Rights in Court PORTLAND, OREGON: Current Oregon law provides protection to religious institutions and clergy for choosing nonparticipation in same sex ceremonies. But the law discriminates against … Continue reading

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Protect Religious Freedom Initiative filed today

Oregon Family Council PORTLAND, OREGON- Religious freedom is the first freedom guaranteed by the United States Constitution. It is a fundamental human right and is the right to express, think and act upon what you deeply believe. Religious freedom upholds … Continue reading

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Freedom of religious opinion protected in Oregon Constitution

by Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg) The main purpose of the Constitution is to protect the people from government Probably the most significant event this week was the passage in the Senate of SB 132, the vaccination bill. I want to state … Continue reading

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Holiday Trees and Winter Candelabra

Calling a Christmas tree a “holiday tree” is like calling a Hanukkah menorah a “winter candelabrum.” Generic names for well-known holiday symbols don’t truly honor diversity. Instead, they “airbrush out” the meaning of experiences, traditions, and symbols that are part … Continue reading

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The Catholic Vote – An Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla Stalking Mr. Obama

As the presidential election of 2012 draws near, nobody seems to address the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room – the Catholic Church and the assault of President Barack Obama on the tenets of the Church, particularly with regard … Continue reading

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The Federal Assault on Freedom of Religion

The Catholic Church believes that abortion is the taking of a human life – an innocent human life. It makes no distinction between an abortion and murder. I stand with the Catholic Church. Despite that stance, the Church has avoided … Continue reading

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