The South Fork Forest Camp saves Oregon money

Oregon is burning. Standing between you and the heat are many highly dedicated people fighting these fires, among them are an elite group from the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) called Forest Inmate Crew Coordinators (FICCs).

When I say elite, that’s not because these men commonly get the recognition they deserve. It’s because real data supports the use of that word. Last year, I was hired to do a cost/benefit analysis of the use of prison inmate labor at the South Fork Forest Camp. ODF records data from its assessment of the contracted crews it has hired to fight wildland fires.

We applied the same methodology to South Fork crews for a comparison. When it comes to fighting forest fires in the State of Oregon, South Fork is second to none. Continue reading

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Exec-Club 9/6 — Unveiling Governments Best Kept Secrets

How posting all public spending online is uncovering government’s best kept secrets
 By speaker Adam Andrzejewski,
Founder Open the books and Forbes writer

Wed. Sept 6th 7:00pm
Portland Airport Shilo Inn, 11707 NE Airport Way
Event is free – $20 dinner option available

Continue reading

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Oregon Takes a Big Step to Battle Opioid Overdoses

By Steve Buckstein

For a variety of reasons, many Americans are becoming addicted to both legal and illegal opioid drugs, risking overdose and death.

Oregon just made it easier for friends and family members of those at risk to save their lives by administering what is known as the “overdose drug” naloxone. It “counteracts the potentially lethal effects of heroin, oxycodone and other abused narcotics.” It has become relatively easy to use in the form of a nasal mist and does not require a physician prescription.

Passed overwhelmingly in both the Oregon House and Senate, House Bill 3440 was signed into law by the Governor last week. Among other provisions, the law shields persons “acting in good faith, if the act does not constitute wanton misconduct” from “civil liability for any act or omission of an act committed during the course of distributing and administering naloxone….” Continue reading

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Kicker Envy, Reprise

By Steve Buckstein

In May we told you about the income tax refund Oregon taxpayers may receive when you file your state income tax return in 2018. State economists now confirm that those refunds will be credited against your tax bill next year. Based on a percentage of the taxes you paid in 2016, they estimate the average refund will be about $227 while the median will be about $89.

Continue reading

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The Folk Theory of Labor Markets

A common mistake I see some conservatives make when embracing excessive government regulation of immigration is the belief that lowering the number of immigrants will increase native born workers’ wages. This comes from a failure to fully understand basic economics.

The idea that if the supply of something increases its price will tend to fall is widely known. Less known however is the fact that this principle contains an assumption: ceteris paribus. A Latin phrase thrown around by economists ever since Alfred Marshal included it in his classic 1890 textbook Principles of Economics, it means “other things held constant.”

When we increase the supply of labor, the demand for labor does not remain constant. It increases too.

The Folk Theory of Labor Markets mistakenly conceives of an economy with a fixed amount of jobs where immigrants are just more competition for an unchanging amount of employment opportunity. Reality is very different.

Our labor markets are dynamic, not static. When someone works a job, he’s paid only a fraction of the GDP his labor generates. That surplus value creates more jobs beyond the one he filled, jobs that would not exist if that person was not in the labor force in the first place. Continue reading

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I Love The Kicker and So Should You

Hallelujah Hallelujah, let the church bells ring!  Great news Oregonians! The Economic Growth Fairy is on its way to leave you a present under your pillow in the form of a brand spanking new Kicker rebate.  While the Kicker may be the bane of a number of Salem politicians, I just love it.  Does it have problems? Absolutely! But has it been an important mechanism to prevent the big government types in Salem from growing spending at an unsustainable rate? You betcha! Continue reading

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Calculate your Kicker Income Tax Refund

Taxpayers win as the Oregon Income Tax Refund Kicker will officially kick this year
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Good news for taxpayers as the state announced that the Oregon economy boomed so much that the State took in $464 million in unexpected and over-collected tax revenue. As required by the vote of the people enshrined in our State Constitution, those over-collected funds must be returned to those Oregonians who over-payed.

The average Oregon Kicker Refund is $227. Continue reading

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The Ugliness of Those Bent on Violence


Right From the Start

“Yes, in the end, you will walk out. Because 100,000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 million Indians, if those Indians refuse to cooperate”

Mahatma Ghandi

On August 12, 2017, a group of white supremacists, neo-nazis, and allied thugs and cretins, descended on Charlottesville, VA, to stage a protest over the removal of Civil War statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. While removal of the statue was the nominal purpose of the march, in fact the protesters were there for violence. They came armed – bats, batons, a smattering of small arms, a large supply of pepper spray, helmets, body armor, and shields with a variety of insignia aligned with their hateful cause. They came to fight and injure. They carried signs, hurled bigoted insults, and engaged in the trash talking that usually leads to fighting. (To be sure there were a few amongst the protestors that were genuinely offended by the demolition of a statue commemorating their heritage – they were not supporting slavery, denouncing people of color, or engaging in the hate that was present in the vanguard of the group.) Continue reading

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The Right to Choose or Reject Union Representation Respects Workers

By Kathryn Hickok

Why do many workers choose to opt out of union membership? Some believe they can make better use of their money than giving it to a union. Others “vote with their feet” against what they perceive to be poor union service or negotiating results. Still others leave because they oppose their unions’ political positions. They simply don’t want to support an organization that promotes different political beliefs from their own.

August 20-26, 2017 is National Employee Freedom Week, a national effort to inform union members about their freedom to opt out of union membership if they choose and to make decisions about labor representation and the use of their union dues. Continue reading

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Not forgetting the three who died in Charlottesville

By Jason Williams,

The Charlottesville death of Heather Heyer represents a threat to our right to protest from violence, and the troopers (H.Jay Cullen, Berke M.M. Bates) represent our rights to be protected from political harassment and violence.    Trump and Fox News chose to focus on other things this week, but I did not want to miss the moment to honor the Men in Blue and stand by Freedom of Speech in the Charlottesville tragedy anniversary week.  It matters to me because in Oregon we never know if our rights today will be the same tomorrow.   Of all the important ramifications and debate of Charlotesville the fact remains that these three lost their lives.   I hope my clumsy artwork honors them.

— Jason Williams is the founder and Executive Director of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon

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Nice turnout at Portland’s first AFF event.

As if it weren’t already obvious Lydia White has been a great new hire at the Cascade Policy Institute, she has managed to organize a Portland chapter of the America’s Future Foundation in her spare time too. I made it out to their first event this week and saw something you don’t see every day: a room filled with young people interested in limiting the size and scope of government.   Continue reading

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Oregon Senate leadership stands together against hate, violence

SALEM, Ore.-Sens. Peter Courtney, D-Salem, Ginny Burdick, D-Portland, and Ted Ferrioli, R-John Day, released the following statement in response to the recent wave of violence:
“There is no place for hate, violence and intolerance in our state or anywhere else. White supremacist organizations and other hate groups have no place in a free, just and peaceful society. It is the responsibility of each and every elected leader, regardless of party, to speak out and condemn hate. As Oregonians, and as Americans, we must stand up to counter hatred with love and cast intolerance from our welcoming communities, ensuring equality for all.”
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Policing The Movement

I am a big tent Republican.  I want a Republican party that has room for social conservatives, libertarians, moderates, populists, hawks, doves, and anyone else who wants to join the fight for limited government. For me, winning converts is a much higher priority than hunting heretics. That being said, even in a big tent, there are still times when you have to call on a bouncer to kick folks who go too far out of the tent. Continue reading

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Decades of Appeasement Have Brought Us Nuclear North Korea

Right From the Star


The State Department is “white, male and Yale”
Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL)

This past week has seen a rapid escalation in the capabilities of North Korea to deliver nuclear weapons via intercontinental ballistic missiles (IBM) that can penetrate deep into the heartland of America. In response, President Donald Trump has issued a promise that America will devastate North Korea should its dictator Kim Jong Un attack America or its allies.

Not only has North Korea’s missile capability increased dramatically but a recent intelligence report indicates that they have miniaturized its nuclear weapons to the point that they can be delivered by the improved missile capability. All of this rapid improvement in the nuclear capabilities of North Korea has come since Mr. Trump became President. Continue reading

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Portland’s latest attempt to centrally plan transportation patterns is backfiring

By Jessica Miller

Portland has a longstanding history of attempting to socially engineer people’s transportation patterns, and the “Better Naito” project is no different.

In 2015, a group of students from Portland State University created the idea of “Better Naito” as their capstone project. From April 28th until September 30th each year, Portland planners intend to enhance the lives of pedestrians and bikers along the Waterfront by reducing car capacity from two lanes to one on SW Naito Parkway and transforming one lane into an open area for walkers and bikers. The project was implemented and paid for by the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), Portland State University (PSU), Better Block PDX, and $350,000 from the Portland City Council. Continue reading

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Ex-White Supremacist story a good response to Charlottesville violence

Responding to Charlottesville shocking car attack with a message from a ex-white supremacist.
By Jason Williams
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The violence is still fresh and the details are still coming in on Saturdays violence at a White Supremacist rally where a supporter drove a car through a crowd of counter-protesters — a textbook terrorist attack method I might add.   I saw this video  from a Morgan Freeman National Geographic series earlier this year and found it a fitting response.    Continue reading

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The RAISE Act is mighty revealing

The RAISE Act is an anti-immigration bill sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia. It contains some interesting ideas about changing our selection process from a family-based system to a merit-based system, but the main purpose of the law is to cut legal immigration in half. Continue reading

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Rep. Sal Esquivel on Governor betrayal

By Representative Sal Esquivel

“Governor Brown will also veto appropriations outlined in Section 4 for the Holly Theater, Harry and David Ballpark, and Bradshaw Drop Irrigation project in Medford.“The cornerstone of all negotiations whether they occur in a public or private arena, is the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing,” Governor Brown said. ‘I believe that each of these projects should be considered during the 2018 session to be evaluated on their merits.'”

This is what I read with no other notice, regarding the monies which were bargained for during the 2017 Legislative Session.
Many of you are well aware that I took a vote for taxes, which I have done twice in my 13 years in Salem, and passed HB 2913 out of the House. Yes, there was a deal made – I agreed to vote for that bill so SB494 (the death panel bill) would be killed along with several other very atrocious anti business bills. Continue reading

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Oregon Republican’s 2018 Opportunity That No One is Talking About

I’m going to be honest, I don’t really know much about what the Oregon Labor Commissioner actually does. That being said, I do know that the upcoming election for head of the Bureau of Labor and Industries is the best opportunity that Oregon Republicans have that very few people seem to be talking about.

Sure Labor Commissioner isn’t the sexiest elected office around, but politically speaking a win in that race could yield big gains for Republicans in Oregon. By getting a second statewide office in two cycles it

dismisses many of the concerns that Dennis Richardson’s Secretary of State win was just a fluke as the result an incredibly weak Democratic nominee. Winning BOLI would show that Republicans can be competitive statewide in Oregon, which in turn could inspire better candidates to run statewide races, hopefully, gives hope to donors who want to invest in a political infrastructure for Republicans in Oregon, but need to see some evidence of success first, and give some much-needed momentum to Oregon Republicans. Continue reading

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Here’s How to Track Oregon Candidates for Office in 2018

>> Check out the 2018 Candidate Tracker <<

It’s more than 8 months until the 2018 Oregon Primary election (held on May 15th, 2018). Because politics is an all consuming beast with zero manners, the campaign has already begun. Candidates are making statements to the press and supporters about their intentions to run (or not) in 2018. The time between announcements is beginning to speed up. How can you keep track of all of these announcements? Use the candidate tracker I’ve set up on my website.

In 2016, I created a simple document to track all candidate announcements that were happening at the time. I quickly realized that there are others who are interested in politics and would benefit from this document. I proceeded to create a simple page on my website in hopes of helping a few people keep track of the candidate field as it unfolded. Recently, I updated my Candidate Tracker in preparation for 2018. There are a good number of candidate announcements that have already occurred, and there’s plenty more coming in the next 8 months. Bookmark this page and check back occasionally. I update the page almost every day.

Please feel free to contact me on Twitter or via Email if you see any candidate announcements that I may have missed.

Reagan Knopp is a digital political consultant and Editor-in-Chief of Oregon Catalyst.

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