Number of People in Extreme Poverty Drops to Record Low

By Steve Buckstein Malthus must be turning over in his grave after the World Bank announced this month that the percentage of the world’s 7.3-billion-plus people living in extreme poverty is likely to fall to a record low this year … Continue reading

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Meet “The Man Who Could Bring Down ObamaCare”

Would you like to meet the man the media says could bring down ObamaCare? You’ll have that opportunity next Thursday evening, February 26, when Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute speaks in Portland. Cannon is an architect of the legal strategy … Continue reading

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New Education Study Shows: We’re Paying More for Less

Advocates on all sides of the public education spending-versus-results debate cite various statistics to make their respective cases. Some argue that more money leads to better results. Others claim that spending more dollars per student―at least in the ways our … Continue reading

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Oregon’s Opaque K-12 Finances

By William Newell Before people make financial decisions, most seek out information in order to make better choices. But according to a recent report by the Cato Institute, when Oregon voters are tasked with making financial decisions about K-12 education, … Continue reading

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“Occupy” Protestors’ Gripe Is with Crony Capitalism

Open minds trying to figure out what the Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Portland crowds want should read Pepperdine University economics professor Gary M. Galles’ new column: Protesters’ gripe is with crony capitalism He includes extensive quotes from Cascade’s upcoming November 3rd … Continue reading

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Occupy Portland or Understand Capitalism?

Today is the beginning (and maybe the end) of another attempt by disparate groups and individuals to make their complaints about our economic system known in Portland. Following on the heels of Occupy Wall Street in New York City, Portland’s … Continue reading

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