Rep. Wingard, House Republicans to Unveil Jobs Package

by Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Rep. Matt Wingard and members of Oregon’s House Republican Caucus will shortly unveil a jobs package in anticipation of the upcoming February legislative session. According to Wingard, the series of measures would help stimulate Oregon’s lagging economy and create tens of thousands of jobs.

“Oregon’s per capita income is nine percent below the national average and getting worse. This is a state that’s actually getting poorer. My Republican colleagues and I are determined to change that trajectory.”

Wingard, who called the Legislature’s failure to pass meaningful jobs legislation the biggest disappointment of the last session, believes that the jobs package must be priority number of one in February. Specifics are still being worked out, but efforts will focus on leveraging Oregon’s vast natural resources and lowering income and capital gains taxes, among other things.

“The abundance of natural resources is the economic engine of Oregon and critical to turning our economy around,” said Wingard, noting that Oregon has lost of over 200,000 jobs during the current economic downturn. “We also have to create a climate that will encourage businesses to grow, as well as to attract other businesses to relocate to our state. “

Wingard said that House Republicans have reached out to businesses and communities around the state for ideas and to build support. The jobs package will likely encourage the responsible harvesting of trees, utilizing water resources from the Columbia River, as well attracting data centers to Oregon similar to the one recently built by Facebook in Prineville. Data centers create scores of construction jobs and add to the tax base of rural communities.

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  • BeFree

    Government does not create jobs. Period. These bozos could not get a job if their lives depended on it, much less create one.
    Stay home and do no harm.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right, government can not create jobs, but it can create an atmosphere where jobs can be created and hopefully this is what this is about. Currently with the over regulation that Oregon has and the hoops that businesses have to jump through the best thing they can do is stream line the process, create a solid path way so that a business will know that if they follow certain steps their permit will go through. Currently someone can spend tens of thousands of dollars and get no where in a permit process even though they followed the current procedures.

  • Reper

    Natural Resources ARE where the jobs are.
    Too bad there are held off limits

    • Sol668

      I’m sorry you’re such a failure, perhaps you should get an education?  I don’t make my living raping our natural resources, I’m again sorry you didn’t make the choices that would give you that option as well

      • Anonymous

        Better look again Sol, for everything that you have, every tool, car, pencil, computer, house, everything comes from natural resourses. Your statment gave me a good laugh. The rest of your comments the same, it sounds like you’re a democrat appologist, just out here fishing for comments.

        • Sol668

          I’m glad you get a good chuckle out of rural oregons backward failed economy, I on the other hand don’t find it very funny at all…and I don’t make my living raping our scenic beauty its too bad you could do the same

          • Anonymous

            The reason rural Oregon has a failed economy is because of folks like you, who take from us rural folks the chance to work our own land. You have decided for us what is right and wrong simply because you think that we don’t care for the environment. Got news for you, we live in this environment, not you, and we do care for it. Are there a couple of bad apples, sure, get them anywhere you go, especially in urban areas. The vast majority of folks who live in rural areas care for the environment, want to sustain it, for it is where we live, raise our families and work and plan to have our futures.
            I get a laugh out of your posts because it is obvious you don’t understand this amongst other issues, have a very tainted mindset, and at the same time you are foolishly righteous about it. You really don’t have a clue, yet what is actually sad is the fact that you don’t have any idea that you don’t have a clue.

            All the same, Happy New Year to you.

          • Sol668

            Happy new year to you as well…I wish there were some compromise that would satisfy us both…but sadly our world views are so divergent as to make that unlikely

          • Anonymous

            I think the place to begin is to realize that you and I and most of the folks on either side of many of these debates do want the best for the people that live here, we simply have different views on how to get there. Much of that stems from the extremists on both sides, pushing each side farther apart instead of to an area where we can compromise on some issues and agree to disagree with civility on others.
            Thanks for your civil reply.

  • Sol668

    I always find it most amusing when republicans lament the “lagging” wages that we have here in oregon…considering the lowest wage states, are Surprise surprise over whelmingly red

    Florida$38,985North Dakota$38,223South Dakota$38,008South Carolina$38,003Tennessee$37,925Kentucky$36,663Alabama$36,131Oklahoma$35,634New Mexico$35,091Montana$34,449Louisiana$33,792Arkansas$33,445West Virginia$32,967Mississippi$32,397Source: Census Bureau

    If you’re interested in raising wages, elect democrats, join unions…not surprisingly the highest wages states in the US…solidily blue

    If you want greater inequity, more low wage jobs…clearly the republican plan is the way to go

    • JoelinPDX

      Your quest for maximum wages is the reason so much US business is moving offshore. Your unions are the main culprit behind wage-push inflation here in the US of A.

      Don’t look now, but we live in a world economy. No longer is the big three quite so big. Nowadays they have to compete with the likes of Toyota, Nissan and Honda…not to mention Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes and all of the others. You can’t buy much in the way of domestically manufactured electronics. And US made clothing is basically a thing of the past.

      All of these industries, along with telephone rooms and even medicine are being outsourced. Why? Because not only can American business buy these things cheaper overseas, they often get better employees. US employees have gotten used to unions coming to bat for them, even when they screw up repeatedly on the job. When you hire workers overseas, if the employee doesn’t work out…no problem, you just let him go.

      It’s no wonder the unions are concentrating on building government worker unions. They know where the growth is and government workers are already predisposed to the unions…leaning on their shovels and the like.

      • Sol668

        Indeed joe, you’ve pitted us against third world peasants who will work for pennies an hour, with no environmental standards, no health standards, no work place condition requirements…their totalitarian governments ensure that their will be no complaints as efforts to unionize or work for a cleaner environment are throughly repressed by the state….trully so long as we pursue “free trade” and reward corporations for offshoring jobs with tax breaks the decline of the america middle class can only continue…until one day the american worker reaches parity with a billion chinese peasants living in poverty…..naturally those on top will do better then ever (note our record inequity).

        Whats odd to me, is that this seems to be something you find desirable. 

        I would also like to point out, that many of those companies you mention, are unionized in their home nations, germany and japan both have higher unionization rates then we do. Of course those nations don’t have your culture of “screw you i’ve got mine” and find the kind of CEO to worker disparity we have to be harmful…not desirable.

      • John Doe / US Citizen

        It’s true the US is outsourcing everything even our leadership. We continue to elect internationalists rather than Americans. However it’s not because of unions that companies move off shore. Let’s look at the root cause. Since our country got its start we have had tariffs/taxes against imports. This has always been why we weren’t flooded with foreign goods until the last 30/40 years or so. Yes, we had trade with others but most products were taxed when they came in. This maintained a better standard of living for our companies and it’s workers/fellow Americans. After all, do you think it’s realistic that a $10 an hour worker can lower his wages to 30cents an hour and survive? hardly. Or a $20 an hour worker to $1.50 an hour. Not to mention some of the other obstacles like having to avoid polluting the air, food, and water is a bit more expensive in the US than operating in countries where the governments are already so corrupt that they have no concern for their citizens health or safety. The tariffs of the past allowed American companies to compete on quality rather than price. The companies made bags full of money and the workers made a decent living which in turn allowed the worker to purchase goods and services which stimulated other industries here in the US. The large corporations would surely have moved their manufacturing out of the country much sooner if they could have but the tariffs kept them from taking advantage of the slave labor until some of these companies realized that the congress and the president were for sale as long as the price was right.
             It’s true, Americans have gotten lazy but not about work, rather about educating themselves relative to slick, smooth talking politicians that just want to feather their own nests. Don’t look at your neighbor and say, “yes that’s a good representation of the other guy”. To see who is at fault look in the mirror, unless you have been voting mostly for independents the last 30 years. Americans have been voting based on Sound Bites about emotional issues, usually these issues are things they feel are relative to themselves Rather than looking at the big picture and educating themselves and casting a vote for America.

         “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” (and for your fellow countryman/woman)

         When someone says we are in a global economy stop them there and ask if they are an American or a Globalist! I love capitalism but when someone thinks that selling out America is OK in the name of capitalism, Well, that’s taking it a bit too far for me..

    • Bob Clark

      Oregon has been largely deep blue Democrat for better part of two decades, and yet during this time, Oregon’s ranking in per capita income has declined.  So, pretty sure blindly pulling the lever “D” for more of the same gets you much of anything. 

    • Tim4429

      Good ole Sol. He picked per capita income, a totally relative measure
      which his limited union scope will continue to fixate on.  If he would
      have just picked virtually any other measure of a state’s function he
      would have seen that the ‘red’ states stand head and shoulders above the
      blue states; employment, fiscal accountability, education, crime, GSP growth, poverty level, you
      name it. But keep on the coolaid Sol,  when you see us pick up and go past we will
      give you a hand up, if you are willing to work, despite your ignorance.

  • Jan

    Small businesses in Oregon are hit with development fees, traffic impact studies and change of use fees.  When local government is done picking our pockets we can’t afford open a business, expand a business or improve a property.  Small and mid-size business are paying for the tax breaks government gives to big businesses to locate in Oregon.  Small business is the backbone of the economy, but our backs are bent under outrageous fees.

    A two year moritorium of system transportation development fees, traffic impact studies and dump the change of use fee altogether and give vested Oregon small businesses a break and you will see growth and hiring.

    The data centers do not create long term jobs.  Once these are built they hire very few local people.  The Counties are giving up tax revenue for bragging rights of having a big name data center.  Oregon has abundent and cheap power, they would build here for that alone.  These giant data centers are not an economic engine for the timber counties.  Waiving taxes for bragging rights is just more government bumbling thinking they are creating jobs. 

    The waived taxes will be extracted from small business – except in today’s economy they won’t – no bank loans, government cost are too much and small businesses do not see any return on investment so we just sit tight and do nothing.

    • HBguy

      Jan makes some great points. I’ve kept my business out of multnomah county because of taxes and fees. The data centers are horrible for our economy. They get tax referrals, suck up huge amounts of energy from hydro that could be used, at least eventually, by more labor entensive industry that would provide jobs besides night watchman.

      The lower tax rates on higher income and capital gains does nothing to get real small business to hire. I hire when there is demand for more product and service. Having an extra $1,000 per month in my check, or in profit – since I am an “s”Corp just means I have an extra $1,000 that month.

      I would disagree that small business can’t get loans. I seem to be able to get them whenever I want. But perhaps it depends more on the status or your balance sheet that the general availability of commercial credit. If I cam get a loan, then certainly yahoo, facebok, google, intel, solar world, et al can get loans to expand and hirem and don’t need tax breaks.

  • Jan

    Our jobs moved for two reasons, one the American consumer voted with their dollars for cheap goods and two the rising cost of doing business in the US.  The corporations meet shareholder demand for profit and if the only way to deliver those investor profits is cutting labor cost, then that is okay with the shareholders too.

    We can damn big business all we want, but the bottom line is anyone with an investment in their 401K or private stock IRA is a shareholder and our retirement depends on American corproations delivering dividends year in and year out. 

    We cannot afford to have all Anericans on the government dole, something needs to change.

    • Sol668

      Lets be clear

      1% of americans own 42% of financial assets in america…they are the primary beneficiaries of the downward trend in wages…80% of americans, thats me and you and virtually everyone who works for a living own 8%

      • BeFree

        Sol – what you obviously forgot in your meaningless diatribe was that regardless of the wage, at least the people in those red states are working!!! In Oregon many are not. 0 is not a great wage.

        • Sol668

          Facts are meaningless?


          looks pretty even mix of red and blue states with the highest unemployment rates

      • BeFree

        Sol – what you obviously forgot in your meaningless diatribe was that regardless of the wage, at least the people in those red states are working!!! In Oregon many are not. 0 is not a great wage.

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