Weekly Legislative Update for Citizen Lobbyists

by Salem 9-12 Project

UPDATE for Weds, 6/29/2011

There are alot of really large spending bills going before Capital Construction Subcommittee today many of which have had no public hearings, or the hearings were 3 or 4 months ago.

Senate Third reading list

Bills going through the committee meetings today

There is a short House third reading list and I believe that they are not meeting till about 1:00.

House third reading list

This will probably mean that they will update the list of bills as the Senate conducts business. If this is the case, the notes from the senate third reading list should be able to be transferred to this meeting.

UPDATE for Tues, 6/28/2011

Bills going through the Senate on Tuesday 6-28-2011

Bills going through the House of Representatives for today.  Session starts at 10:00 am.


Legislative update for 6-27-2011.

The legislative update is broken into 3 parts for Monday.

–There are 2 committee meetings; one dealing with SB 412 which proposes to allow tribal police to have the authority to operate off of tribal lands and a conference committee for HB 2092 which is about workers compensation and other issues.

–The second part is a list of all the bills that will be going to the floor of the House of Representatives at 10:00 am on Monday.


There are several important bills in this list dealing with land use policy, smoke shop regulations, public records disclosure, guns, submersible lands, and the Oregon Integrated and Coordinated Health Care Delivery System, among others.

–The third part is on a Ways and Means committee meeting taking place Monday morning

1. Conference Committee Agendas
2. House of Representatives – Third Reading Alert
3. Ways and Means committee meeting taking place Monday morning