Weekly Legislative Update for Citizen Lobbyists (Update)

by Salem 9-12 Project

UPDATE (6/7/2011)

Amended Legislative Update for this week. Please note the large number of important bills being discussed in committee meetings on Wednesday of this week.

Everything from

–creating new taxes on bird food
–changing inheritance taxes
–Tax exemptions
–assistance for low income electric users
–ethnic aesthetic care
–higher education
–Oregon Health authority
–child welfare
–federal grant applications
–and MORE….

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The Legislative update this week is a short update for several reasons. First, many of the committee meetings have been discontinued as the Legislative session is coming to a close.  Second, the state web site appears to not have been updated Friday to list the meetings and floor sessions for the coming week.  Consequently, we have completed the update for the committee meetings we are aware of at this time.

There are several important bills this week covering different topics, including:

  • Emergency medical service providers
  • Bottle refund programs for distributors
  • Possession of illegal substances
  • And others…

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