Ad tells Obama: No more blank checks

The conservative group Crossroads GPS began running it’s latest ad on Friday, “No More Blank Checks”. The ad ends by directing viewers to a No More Blank Checks web site, which contains an excellent collection of information on President Obama’s detrimental effect on the economy.


Background on Crossroads GPS (and American Crossroads)

The Wall Street Journal ran an article in March 2011 describing Crossroads GPS and its sister organization American Crossroads: “founded last year with the help of Republicans Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie have set a goal of raising $120 million in the effort to defeat President Barack Obama, win a GOP majority in the Senate and protect the party’s grip on the House in the 2012 election.”

Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads helped conservatives reach parity in the 2010 elections with labor unions and other Democratic-leaning groups (like that for years had led in campaign fund raising. Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads raised $71 million in 2010, second to the $90 million spent by just one of the public employee unions, AFSCME.