Lars Larson: Should Weiner get his $1 million pension?

by Lars Larson

Do you think that Congressman Anthony Weiner has earned a pension? I don’t.

Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace, after disgracing the United States Congress. After taking naked pictures of himself and then sending them off to crazy people. After his conversations with porn stars. So he resigns, but he’s still going to get his pension?

That’s right, he can’t collect right away, he’s got to wait about another 10 years, but then he’ll start collecting if he wants to. Over the years, it’ll total over $1 million.

He gets lifetime medical care and a designated parking space on Capitol Hill. Now I just don’t think that sounds right when somebody ends up disgracing the United States Government. When he behaves in such a scurrilous manner, I think we ought to have the right to take that pension away.

I don’t think he earned it. I don’t think his mind was on the job. I think he was thinking with the other head.


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  • Lefty

    YES. This man did a fine job while he served his nation. He can not help it if he has a disease. He may be able to get a cure. He will live in enough pain now for what he did. The Clinton’s and his wife will not so easily forget what he did to all of them.
    He has earned that money – it is his – and he shall get all of it.

    • DP

      “Brevity is the soul of lingerie.

      ~ Dorothy Parker

  • 3H

    Great, just when I thought we could finally move past this stupid issue and deal with matters of consequence – such as the new war in Libya, continuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, health care for the poor, etc…   I don’t care about Wiener’s stupidity any more than I cared about Christopher Lee’s.   I feel sorry for their families, and can’t imagine the horror of having to see their dirty laundry hung out to dry in public (for which I blame both Wiener and Lee).  But enough is enough.  Let’s move on.  Please.

    “Talk journalism” is a joke.   Lars, you are showing yourself to be no better than the tabloid reporters of the National Enquirer. Unfortunately I think your journalistic training has been destroyed by the exploitive voyeurism of talk radio.  That is just sad.

    The issue is tawdry, but I don’t think excludes Wiener from receiving his pension and other perks.  Now, if they can show he abused his office, then all bets are off.  Also, if people want to limit the perks of being a former member of congress, than I’m probably with you.

    • David Appell

      Talk radio is all about inventing outrageous things to say, and then assuring those who who come to listen that they are good people for being as outraged as you are pretending to be.

      Imagine actually spending most of your days in this way. 

  • just doing the math

    I agree with 3H. Lars is not a serious journalist, but an entertainer. I listened to
    his radio talk show once, and really, there was not much substance to it, just a lot
    of screaming and a huge amount of commercials.
    Remember the old adage,  “He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.”
    There is a long list of Republican politicians with their own serious issues;

    Bob Packwood
    John Bolton
    Mark Foley
    George and Neil Bush
    Newt Gingrich (OMG, he is running again)
    Randal Ankeney
    Helen Chenoweth

    Just to name a few.

  • valley person

    What is it with Republicans and pension envy?

    • 3H

      LOL.. only when your pension is larger than their’s  😉

      • valley person


  • Ron Marquez

    If he’s lawfully entitled to the pension, it’s a moot question, Lars.  Doesn’t matter what he did or how much of a low life he is.

    Time to move on.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    What doesn’t sound right is the pension itself, not the fact that Weiner is getting it. Weiner did nothing illegal. The guy is a demonstrably arrogant jerk and clearly an idiot. Arrogant because he used “I’m a congressman” to solicit women and an idiot for the same reason. Promoting you are a congressman while engaged in chat is about as dumb as it gets. However stupid and arrogant are not grounds for revoking a pension. Lars’s problem is with the pension system itself, not the fact that Weiner is getting it.

    • 3H

      I agree with you up until the last point – I think it is exactly because Wiener is getting it.. and the fact that Wiener is a liberal Democrat.  The timing on this is everything.. he didn’t even say, “wow, I never thought about this before until the Wiener issue, but congressional perks…”  It’s ALL about Wiener and the pension, and it’s entirely because Wiener is liberal and a Democrat.  

      But back to the other part.. I agree with everything you say.. Congressional perks are too generous.  He was arrogant and an idiot.   Why they don’t think this will come back to bite them on the ass, I don’t know.  But this appears to be a conceit of some in office…  “I’m a congressman, what can go wrong?”

      • Ron Marquez

        …..”I agree with you up until the last point – I think it is exactly because Wiener is getting it”…..

        Agreed, 3H.  I think Rupert got this one wrong.

        • 3H

          I should have said that with less possibility of innuendo  😉

  • surefoot

    Now that that Rep. Weiner is quitting Lars will have time to go after a real slime ball, David Vitter a married man that paid money for prostitutes which actually is breaking a law not to mention the diseases he could have pasted on to his wife. It is said one of his fantasy to play with these prostitutes was to wear baby diapers, go get him Lars.

    • Joelinpdx

      Yeah, ignore the fact that Vitter was duly reelected to his seat after the prostitution charges were made public. The diaper charge is pure fantasy on the part of Move On or Daily Kos. Show me one place where it is made honestly. Move On and Daily Kos are not honest sources.

      As for “pasting” the diseases on his wife…intersting allusion.

      • 3H

        But, you would agree with the comment made below: “… but I think that applies to a lot of the other scoundrels who get elected to Congress.”   You certainly have to agree that twittering a pic of your bulge isn’t quite at the same level of scummy as actually paying for someone to have have sex with you.  Right?  I mean that is a crime.  What Wiener did, isn’t.

      • surefoot

        Read what I wrote, for all of Lars babbling about Rep. Weiner would he not be a hypocrite not to assail Vitter, also was not the D.C. Madam whom little back book Vitter’s name was found in not die shortly there after from a so called suicide or was it?

      • surefoot

        Read what I wrote, for all of Lars babbling about Rep. Weiner would he not be a hypocrite not to assail Vitter, also was not the D.C. Madam whom little back book Vitter’s name was found in not die shortly there after from a so called suicide or was it?

  • Edwardio

    just doing the math “I listened to his radio talk show once” And apparently a single 1/2 hour segment?  Wow quite the expert then.  How many times have you listened to Thom Hartman, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy or Ring of Fire?   The fact is all the top news stories are discussed on Lars and every other talk radio show.  Often involving guests and callers with various levels of expertise. Weiner, 46, represented parts of New York City in the House since being first elected in 1998.    Many people find it objectionable and unnecessary to pay $1 million in pension/health care for this relative short span of work.  Weiner’s low class behavior exacerbates the problem and raises the objections.

    • valley person

      Lars is a bag of wind, the same as the other talk show hosts you list, right or left. Bags of wind every now and then say something that is accurate or factual. And they are at times entertaining. But everything they say should be taken with a large grain of salt since much or most of what they say is not factual at all, and is basically propaganda.

      If Mr Weiner worked 11 years for the federal government (as I did,) and if he is entitled to the same pension as all other federal employees, he would get a check for 1% of his highest 3 year pay times the number of years he worked for the rest of his life after he turns 62.

      The current salary for a congressman is $174,000. At 62 Mr Weiner would start getting $1,740 x 11 x .01, or $19,140 every year until he passes. If he lives to 78, which is the norm for males in the US, that amounts to 16 x $19140, or $306, 240. He would have to live until he reaches nearly 114 years old to collect a full $1 million. So I’m not clear on where Lars got his $1 million from, but it appears to be a grossly exaggerated number.

      And another error Lars makes is assuming Weiner can start collecting his pension in 10 years. If Weiner is 46, this is technically true, but his pension would be reduced by around 30% if he collects at that age. he has to wait until 62 for a full pension.

      • DWS

        Michael Moore veers more as a freakin’ bag of wind VP.  Do you not agree? 

        • valley person

          Yes, he qualifies as a bag of wind. But he strives much harder to be factually accurate than the radio jocks.

          • Joelinpdx

            Michael Moore and factual don’t belong in the same sentence. What have you been smoking? Moore is in it strictly to entertain…if that’s your idea of entertainment…he rarely let’s the facts get in his way (or in his case hie weigh.)

          • 3H

            LOL.. so.. you think of him and Rush as being like brothers separated by politics?

          • valley person

            I don’t smoke Joe. Michael Moore’s claims in his films have been fact checked and most hold up pretty well. Don’t confuse style with substance.

            Moore is not in it to entertain. He does documentaries to instruct and to entertain and to make money at it. Just like Lars, only he (Lars) doesn’t actually document anything. Which is too bad because back in the day Lars was a helluva good reporter.

      • Dean Apostal is a loser

        Better a bag of wind, than a bag of what you are Dean.

    • just doing the math

      Absolutely, and I believe his show lasts agonizingly longer than a half hour.

      Lars is notoriously on the right politically; the fact that Lars chose to single
      out Weiner has more to do with Weiner’s political leanings than a reasonable
      discussion of government pension reform.

      Had Weiner been Republican, would we be reading; “he behaves in such a scurrilous manner, I think we ought to have the right to take that pension away.”


  • Peckman

    I say shun the man! He is a fool. Take his pension and anything else he has left of his pathetic little life.
    What a total loser.

  • Joelinpdx

    I wonder what Lars thinks about John Ensign. I agree with Lars that Weiner shouldn’t collect a government pension but I think that applies to a lot of the other scoundrels who get elected to Congress. 

  • Zanzara

    I don’t think members of Congress should get more of a pension or benefits than the military or other Federal workers. 

    It’s time to eliminate the special interest laws passed by Congress for Congress.

    He earned a year or two worth of retirement, nothing more.  

  • Larry Sparks

    Since Weiner was forced to resign for immoral and unethical actions, he should be stripped of his pension.

    • 3H

      He wasn’t forced to resign – in the sense that I think you mean it – he was probably told that it would be best.  The resignation was voluntary.   

      If we are going to force members of congress to resign for immorality – then we’ll have to redefine the term: quorum.  

      Unethical?   In his personal life, but not, that I’ve seen, in his duties as a congressman.

  • Humamuma

    I think his wife made him quit.
    She is quite powerful in a quiet way.
    He is quite weak.
    Thus, problem solved.

  • Dale

    Another Republican contemplating what he can take away from people. 

    • DP

      “I just received the
      following wire from my generous Daddy; Dear Jack, Don’t buy a single
      vote more than is necessary. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for a
      John F. Kennedy

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