Lars Larson: Should Weiner get his $1 million pension?

by Lars Larson

Do you think that Congressman Anthony Weiner has earned a pension? I don’t.

Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace, after disgracing the United States Congress. After taking naked pictures of himself and then sending them off to crazy people. After his conversations with porn stars. So he resigns, but he’s still going to get his pension?

That’s right, he can’t collect right away, he’s got to wait about another 10 years, but then he’ll start collecting if he wants to. Over the years, it’ll total over $1 million.

He gets lifetime medical care and a designated parking space on Capitol Hill. Now I just don’t think that sounds right when somebody ends up disgracing the United States Government. When he behaves in such a scurrilous manner, I think we ought to have the right to take that pension away.

I don’t think he earned it. I don’t think his mind was on the job. I think he was thinking with the other head.