Lars Larson: McBig Brother is going too far

by Lars Larson

We are in a scary place in America when they talk about firing Ronald McDonald and putting cameras on what kids eat in the lunch line at school.

Listen, I care as much as the other guy that America’s kids get fed well. In fact, it seems some of them are being overfed just a bit, but there are a couple of crazy ideas rolling around out there right now that I like to quash if I could.

One is to spend 2 million federal dollars to put cameras on the lunch line at certain schools and figure out what your kids are eating and what they’re throwing away. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you just talk to their moms and dads? Why don’t you talk to the lunch ladies? I’ll bet they can tell you exactly what goes in the trash can.

And the other crazy idea, is this new list of 500 “professionals and health care experts”, that want to have McDonald’s fire Ronald McDonald – and no more toys and Happy Meals because, after all, parents don’t have the capability to control what their kids watch or what they eat, do they? It’s all nuts.