Republicans can win the First Congressional District

by Bill Post

The news finally came Wednesday afternoon: Congressman David Wu was resigning effective midnight!  Not long after, Rob Cornilles sent out a press release stating that he would be “officially” announcing his candidacy the next day, followed by a press release from State Representative Shawn Lindsay stating he would not run and would be solidly supporting Rob. Then State Senator Bruce Starr announced virtually the same message and Doug Keller posted on his website that he would not be running.

So, now what?  For the first time in as long as I can remember (which for me, is sometimes not more than yesterday’s oatmeal for breakfast) the First Congressional District is winnable for the Grand Old Party.  Why?  The Democrats of the district are not stupid as many on the right think they are.  They are smart, and they do care about their district.  They may be misled and they may be wrong, but they aren’t stupid, and they do care.

They are also quite embarrassed by David Wu.  They are aware that their own party leaders evidently knew about David Wu’s behavior and the hiding of that behavior.  When Wu’s former manager, Maria Smithson, was quoted last week as saying: “There are far too many of us on this long journey with David over the last 12 years that kept our mouth shut when we should not have”, that hit First District Democrats hard. That is the mantra that the GOP candidate must repeat ad nauseum.

This district is very winnable for the first time in many election cycles.  Let’s get behind the strongest candidate, though maybe not the candidate we will all agree on, and win this district!  Every single Republican, Independent and at least 12-15% of the Democrats of the First District must come together to get this win.  All of Oregon can help.  Get the word out, take a drive to the district and knock on doors, post info on social media. Do something, anything, and let’s take this district back for the Republican Party!

Imagine TWO Republicans from Oregon representing us in Washington D.C.?  Wow!

You can hear my Thursday interview with Rob Cornilles online on the podcast replay at

  • Bob Clark

    Avarkin is worse than Wu in terms of job growth, being a “card check” supporter and against right to work laws and also other barrier to entry type instigator.  He’s also probably a big public spending  waster.  So, by all means even “moderate” Rob Cornilles!  Moderate GOP is the best we’re are going to do in CD 1.

  • Zopata

    I heard there was another Republican canidate for this position. Someone who is not Avarkin, a “moderate” or a “progressive.” The Democrats, moderates and progressives are responsible for what our Nation faces today and should no longer be allowed to be in office.

    • Constitutional Purity

      Exactly – by Constitutional Amendment.  We can set up a commission to evaluate candidates and ensure that they have the proper political credentials.

  • Brodhead

    Billy boy, I filed with the FEC yesterday, and will file with the state including the voter pamphlet ASAP. Of course, you, that Victoria chick, and other “AM” stations strictly cater to the staus quo entrenched prochoice republicans with zero ideas. Anyone else is ridiculed or censored!!!! Oh well, you are one of the reasons, I dont listen to Right Wing extremist radio. 

    According to you, we are simply supposed to allow a “telemarketing Labor camp commandant”  to have a “free kick”. As we recall, the Republican entrenched in Washington DC prechose your boy in 2010. As we recall, after all the hoopla, we got a apathetic debt ceiling deal, more war, and 43 cents of every dollar federally spent coming from China. Do you really think Rob Cornilles is any different than David Wu, Kevin McCarthy, Eric Cantor, or any entrenched special interest backed candidate in Washington DC???

    Isnt Rob Cornilles moving to abandon Pro-life like his buddy Mitt Romney??

    Next Rob Cornilles will vote for a “Gay history month” and name TV highway
    Barney Frank BLVD.

    Get a life Bill. All Cornilles did in 2010 was engage in theatrics, platitudes, omission, and insulting generalities. On would say “Where’s the beff”! wheres the beef, where the beef, where the beef??????????


    • Anonymous

      It figures we’d hear from Hardhead…can you spell jerk. He’s an even bigger joke than Wu.

      • brodhead

        OK, Joelin, you get your way… I have decided not to run for the special election. It seems I registered as an Independent for 6 days in March, so I am inelligible to run in the primary…So, you can sleep easy now…Best of luck to you!! 

        • Anonymous

          It sounds more like the regulations got in your way…but good news nonetheless.

        • Devin

          Wow you got rejected by the FEC?
          You need to tone it down man.  You will never win by being full of hate.  Be positive on how much belter this country could be if only we support limited government.  Focus on how you are better, if you think you are, the your opponent.  No one likes mud slingers.

          • Devin


          • Brodhead

            No, not by the FEC. By the Oregon State Elections. I registered to vote as an independent for 6 days in March, so I am out of the 180 day window . They call it party jumping. One has to be registered as a republican 6 months before the August 15th filing date. Its not a big deal. It happened to me in 2007 also. I am certain someone else will pony up from the tea party. I endorsed Rob in 2010. If he loses this election cycle, he is finished. On another note, I support Rick Perry for president. The window for the 2012 election cycle starts in September. I am filed with the FEC for 2012. It will be a presidential election year, so all hands will be on donating to Rick Perry when he wins the primary. Unless Cornilles is able to tap his donor base a thrid time and raise a gob of maoney from January 12th to May, he wont have the poop to go the distance against another republican candidate. Bonamici will take the crown and hold it. Then we are abck to a Darlene Hooley scenario, where Bonamici holds on to the seat for 10 years.  

            This will piss off Lady Joelin, but, anyways, I can field a 1/2 million in January. But then again, “again,” the republican party does not support other candidates. I figure if Rob Cornilles loses, they will field Shawn Lindsay, or Bruce Starr….

            The big fight is for the presidency……..Of course I will weigh my options in September on running against Shawn Lindsay for district 30 or running for the U.S. Congresss. If it doesnt look feasible, I will jump on volunteering for Rick Perry and give to his campaign. So, really all of it is up in the air…I am not any good at this so, I may look at other things.

            The bottom line is that Rob Cornilles exploits people for personal gain…Had I known that he entices people into telemarketing for free, I would have not even associated with him… Once he wins the nomination, the attacks will begin in earnest……The dems will attack him for his business plan. I would not be surprised if they interview the people who sued him for a video…. I am certain that the Oregonian will abandon Rob Cornilles for a union backed liberal. So will the Willamette Week. Then the Democratic yellow presss will go bonkers…. Dont get mad at me for stating it like it is…..

          • Founding Fathers

            Why did you change parties for six days?

          • Brodhead

            Some of my platform ideas do not conform with So-called Conservative Republican positions, like health care, perpetual war, and strengthening Social Security! Although I feel the military has grown a bit large, I could not abide the Independent party’s position on cutting military spending by 50%. So, I changed back…  

          • Brodhead

            Some of my platform ideas do not conform with So-called Conservative Republican positions, like health care, perpetual war, and strengthening Social Security! Although I feel the military has grown a bit large, I could not abide the Independent party’s position on cutting military spending by 50%. So, I changed back…  

  • Anonymous

    OC needs to stop suing Google AdWords. I have pro_Avakian and vote Democrat in Wisconsin ads showing up.

    Speaking of Avakian. Do we need another pro-card check, big labor loving D in Washington? I think not. Cornilles is our best bet. 

    The 1st is slightly D and we need a candidate with across the board appeal. This guy Brodhead, who posts about his candidacy here regardless of the topic, is all over the board but thinks he should get Republican support strictly because he’s anti-gay and anti-abortion. We need to tell him it doesn’t work that way. You can’t be for higher taxes, like Brodhead, and get conservative votes.

    • Brodhead

      Joelin, who said i was anti-gay? Arent gay rights a state issue?

      I dont care what happens behind closed doors in someone’s house. If a person wants to have man on man sex or women on women or dog on dog, I could care less. Just dont teach our children that homosexuality is a behavior our children should emmulate. It is a reality that Gays will get the right to serve in the military. They will get domestic partnership rights. They will try to overturn traditional marriage and make the religious factions recognize same sex marriage. Then there will be “gay history month”, Gay this and gay that. A gay presidential candidate. A lesbian presidential candidate, and then a transexual presidential candidate. We will always hear about gays. The bottom line is people dont want to hear about it. They just want to be left alone to raise their families without government intrusion… 

      • WTF

        How about a dog presidential candidate?  You did mention dog on dog sex.  

    • brodhead

      As far as Prolife, this concept defines the Republican party. Life begins at conception and the beating heart of the innocent unborn is a gift from God. It is a gift to the family. It strenthens the family unit. Republicans in Oregon have abandoned Prolife for Portlandia approval…..As Reagan stated it, “let them go their way”!

      Prolife is not right wing extremism….

      So, now that you know that I could care less about gays and I am proud to be prolife, what other issues are on your mind???????

  • Love American Workers

    JOB? Jobs! Fact; The Coalition for a Working Oregon actually admitted a few years ago that they alone (not including other corrupt employers in OR.) were employing over 90,000 Illegal Aliens here. In the last few years this number has grown substantionally in Oregon as Illegals can no longer steal a job in AZ., GA., S.C and a few other states. They have come here for our “sanctuary” status.

    Making E-Verify for all companies – private & public (something B.O.L.I. Mgr. – Brad Avakian can do with his pen (boli is exempt form our sanctuary law)) would result in at least 90,000 JOBs now available for Oregonians allowed to work in the U.S.A.

    Nothing else would be cheaper (E-Verify is free to use), faster and more effective to cutting our UNemployment numbers in 1/2. Also this would result in payroll tax revenue increases as well as tens of thousands less entitlement leaches on Food Stamps, E.S.L. education and OHP.

    Thousands of Oregonians already know this, I will make sure that tens of thousands of Oregonians in this district know this soon. Why? Anyone considering being OUR Congressman should be helping us the U.S. Citizen Voters and not just corrupt biz owners and entitlement seeking democrat voters.

    • Greta

      Do we know Cornilles’ stance on E-Verify?

  • Doubtful

    Wow what an endorsement. If I could interpret what I just read, we, the Republicans can win even though we do not necessarily have an agreed to candidate and all we have to do is convince the non-stupid District One Democrats they should vote for us because their leadership knew about Wu and did nothing. If they aren’t stupid why (1) did they not get rid of Wu by themselves and/or (2) why didn’t they get rid of their leadership?  I am not sure the premise of not being stupid holds.

  • Pachyman

    “They are smart, and they do care about their district.  They may be misled and they may be wrong, but they aren’t stupid, and they do care.”

    Baloney. You can’t make the “they aren’t stupid” claim fly when they voted that idiot into office seven times.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure Mr. Post was just being magnanimous.

      • The Bill Post Radio Show

        Yes he was 🙂
        He is a talker not a writer…….
        Brodhead is a nutjob who will run for Congress every time there’s an election.  Now that we have some serious candidates maybe he’ll just go back to posting as his true self….Pavel Goberman?  LOL!

        • Anonymous

          I didm’t realize who Brodhead actually was. If I’d known I wouldn’t have bothered.

    • The Bill Post Radio Show

      I have spoken with many Dems in the first and my assessment is correct.  The GOP will get 10-15% to come over from the dark side…..mark it down.

      • brodhead

        Hey Bill how does it feel to have a paultry and small audience?

      • pavel

        Hey Moron,

        how does it feel to work for minimum wage and have an audience the size of a kindergarten class? If I am such a nutcase, how is it that I have a grasp of the issues? While your so-called quality candidate Rob Cornilles was engaged in theatrics and generalities, I was talking about the debt? When he was using his sports analogies, I was talking about perpetual war and deficits!

        While he was rubbing elbows with sports executives and getting others to sell tickets for free, I was living in a tent in the sand box and performing Medivacs. Then you have the audacity to call me names??? Hey if I am so stupid, why is my net worth in the top 2% of the country????

        So, Billy boy how does it feel to be out- classed by a nut job such as myself???

        So, while your living on your fixed little income, I will be thinking about how much of a nutcase I am when I am sitting at the bar in Honolulu and having a Mai Tai!!!!!! Maybe you could go on a date with the Joelene gal and go dutch!

  • Brodhead

    I remember how Bill ran his mouth about Bob Tiernan during the 2010 elections. This alone could have resulted in the loss of the governors race. 1.5%…

    Its amazing.  When I was 18, I followed in my father’s foot steps and joined the Air Force. Just like him, I served in the Strategic Air Command. As a B-52G/H crew chief, I pulled Nuclear Alert. Our bombers were loaded for the destruction of the Soviet Union. My Uncle had flown the B-52 to the Russian border loaded with nuclear devices as part of Operation Chrome Dome. So one could say that between my father, my uncle and myself, we fought the “Cold War!” in fact, over 50 years in the Strategic Air Command fighting against communism and the Soviet threat, and this Bill fella, the big mouth talk show host calls me a Pavel Goberman????

    Rob Cornilles never served in the military. While he was in junior highschool, I was serving my country on Nuclear Alert. While he was selling season tickets, I was flying world wide in support of Somalia, Rwanda, Boznia, Cambodia, Northern no fly zone, Southern No Fly zone, Cuban refugee relocation, Algeada relocation to Guantanamo, the Iraq war.

    Rob Cornilles is the better candidate? he knows nothing about our military or our world presence. he knows nothing about rampant spending and how the military has grown  3 times the size since Bill Clinton.

    Rob Cornilles has a liberal Arts degree from BYU. He has spent his life selling tickets in a cubicle. My cubicle was a window in a jet and flying world wide in support of our National interest.

    My family has served this country over 10 generations and brought the American revolution to its’ fruition, and I am a Pavel Goberman??

    I served on a B-52G with 6 gravity bombs and 6 turret mounted SRAM  missiles that could destroy 12 Russian cities the size of New York, and I am Pavel Goberman?

    Thanks alot!!!!

    • brodhead

      Stephan Brodhead Hard Federal revenue is stagnated at approximately $2.2 trillion. The George Bush federal budget year of 2008 saw hard federal revenue at $2.754 trillion. So, $2.2 trillion represents the loss of 25% in federal revenue in one year. What did… Obama do?He increased the federal government from $3.1 trillion to $3.83 trillion. So, now we have a 25% increase in the federal government, and borrow 43 cents on the dollar to fund the government. The $2.4 trillion debt ceiling increase will only last until January 2013. Then the government will have to raise the debt ceiling by another $1.8 trillion to fund the government from January 2013 to January 2014. Again, they will quantitative ease, print money from thin air, and monetize debt…. This is the fiscal leadership we have to look forward to under Barack Obama. One more harvest of the stock market, and our seniors are doomed to a fixed income retirement, and zero fun money.. America needs a president that is willing to do what must be done in order to save this union from the federal government… America needs Rick Perry!!!See More
      11 hours ago · LikeUnlikeStephan Brodhead Barack Obama would rather stand with serial $1.65 deficits than the American people and especially our seniors. Every year that Barack Obama is in office given his monetary policies and rampant federal spending represents a 5% to 8% devalua…tion of the dollar. This is the result of quantitative easing of yearly deficits that represent close to 10% of the current GDP ($15 trillion). Over the next 6 years if Barack Obama is elected, the FED will print $7.5 to $10 trillion to service the deficits. This inturn, will devalue American currency by 50%. That senior Social Security check will be worth half of what it is worth today. The only way we can stop this madness is vote out all democratic senators in 2012 and vote in Tea Party candidates and Rick Perry for president. This is the biggest election of our lives….Stephan Brodhead As a result of Obama’s fiscal stupity, the S&P just downgraded the Federal government’s bond rating to AA Plus. On another note, how do you think the government will create the $2.4 trillion as part of the debt ceiling increase? They will quantitative ease, print money out of thin air and monetize debt.Hey Billy Boy, instead of calling me Pavel Goberman and regurgitating extremist dogma, why not come up with solutions instead? Maybe you  can have lunch with Victoria, and Lars larson and see who has the longest attention span and listening skills……I bet I could set my watch second hand on how long your listening skills are…Go ahead and support your BYU telemarketing commandant glorified ticket salesman..It just shows that you are “soft in the head”!

  • Info

    I am sorry. Today we start our nation’s heeling. Please accept my apologies!!

    • eaop

      Switch is it, to heel or to heal, doggone it?

      • Info

        hahahahaha heeeeee hhhheeheheheheheheeeeeee