Lars Larson: Cut corporate income taxes to zero, grow jobs

by Lars Larson

Well here’s an idea, how about we cut the corporate income tax to zero? Before all you liberals get all excited, take a look at the idea for a moment.

Conversations with Congressman Louie Gohmert are always interesting. The Texas Republican has a great idea now. He says “Why don’t we cut the corporate tax rate to zero? “

Now I know a lot of you liberals are just climbing up the walls at that idea, but think about it.

Corporate taxes just get passed along to the government. They get taken from consumers. If you let the corporations keep more of that money instead of sending it off to the government, what do they do with it?

They either pay it as dividends to investors, who then either reinvest it or spend it, that’s jobs, or the corporations reinvest that money within the corporation, which means jobs. Either way, you get more jobs.

Hand the money off to the government, guess what? Higher prices, and what does government usually do with your money? Invest it sensibly? Check with the folks at Solyndra on that.

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