Lars Larson Tired of Dishonest Politicians

I’m a little tired of politicians using words to hide the truth from the American people.

I’m really tired of fictions like “doing the jobs Americans won’t do”. I’m sick of hearing undocumented immigrants when they mean illegal aliens and revenue enhancement when they mean tax increases.

Senator John McCain promises to cut taxes as president, but he voted twice against tax cuts. He vows to stop illegal aliens from coming to our country, but he proposed to reward lawbreaking aliens. He promises to find new opportunities for American workers while simultaneously proposing an energy tax and global warming limits that “˜ll send hundreds of thousands of jobs off shore.

If elected, McCain will take an oath to support a constitution that contains a guarantee of free speech which is denied by the McCain-Feingold campaign limits.

In a country full of people with different points of view, I suppose voters deserve the choice of somebody who favors higher taxes, rewards for illegals, and global warming giveaways. I just don’t think we need two candidates like that.