Lars Larson Tired of Dishonest Politicians

I’m a little tired of politicians using words to hide the truth from the American people.

I’m really tired of fictions like “doing the jobs Americans won’t do”. I’m sick of hearing undocumented immigrants when they mean illegal aliens and revenue enhancement when they mean tax increases.

Senator John McCain promises to cut taxes as president, but he voted twice against tax cuts. He vows to stop illegal aliens from coming to our country, but he proposed to reward lawbreaking aliens. He promises to find new opportunities for American workers while simultaneously proposing an energy tax and global warming limits that “˜ll send hundreds of thousands of jobs off shore.

If elected, McCain will take an oath to support a constitution that contains a guarantee of free speech which is denied by the McCain-Feingold campaign limits.

In a country full of people with different points of view, I suppose voters deserve the choice of somebody who favors higher taxes, rewards for illegals, and global warming giveaways. I just don’t think we need two candidates like that.

  • Dan Bink

    From time to time we’re going to run into items that you may find of interest. This is one of them. If you don’t want to be on this list, just use the unsubscribe feature. In my home state of Oregon, a teacher who’s facing death threats from her ex husband wants to be able to protect herself. She has a license to carry a gun and that license is valid on school grounds. But the public school where she teaches is trying to stop her from protecting herself. The local newspaper (the Oregonian, which I call the Daily Dead Fishwrapper) printed an op-ed by yours truly, entitled ‘Blackboards and Bullets’. I thought you would enjoy reading it. Feel free to forward it to any of your friends…whether they support the 2nd amendment or not.
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  • Ted Longly

    Now talking about being dishonest and untruthful, read down to where lars states what state he is from (In my home state of Oregon) Unbelievable! Check your own backyard before looking into others.

  • Jim Knowlton

    I was originally a Romney guy, but now I’m a McCain guy. Disclosure done…

    What I’m tired of is people who imply that if you say you want to cut taxes that means you are morally required to vote for EVERY tax cut proposed regarldless of the particulars of the law or the surrounding circumstances. That’s just dumb, but it seems to be the opinion of some.

    As much as Lars dislikes McCain-Feingold (I feel the same way), the fact is that the Supreme Court has ruled on it, and ruled a large part of it IS constitutional. So if Lars truly respects the constitution, he also respects the authority of the SCOTUS to render rulings on constitutionality.

  • Anonymous

    Only one thing can make me vote for

    John McCain

    A democrat running against him

  • dian

    I would have preferred Romney. Hilliary scares me. people close to her die. I’ve looked at Obama. I’m a republican, but he carries himself well. He bothers me mostly because he’s a Democrat. I don’t like Democrat policy. If it’s Hilliary and McCain, he gets my vote. If it’s Mc Cain and obama, i would have to take another look, but probably still vote for McCain.

    • dean

      Dian…Hillary “scares you?” People “close to her die?” Please explain.

      • CRAWDUDE

        Its probably her perfume….

        • dian

          You are probably right =)

  • dean

    I have not heard McCain “promise to cut taxes.” I have heard him promise to support making the previous Bush tax cuts, which he voted against, permanent. Since we now have managed to double the national debt in 7 years, and since McCain shows zero interest in a phased withdrawl from Iraq, the tradeoff he and Lars don’t talk about is a continued piling on of debt and the tanking of the dollar, which is a hidden tax on every one of us and our heirs. But hey…who needs to be responsible? Party on!

    “Free speech” if one has the money to buy it is a sham argument. How many Americans lost “free speech” as a result of McCain-Feingold. Give me a break. People can “speak” all they want, they just can’t buy the public airwaves as easily.

    Lars…you always have a choice to write someone in. There is no guarentee you or anyone else are going to get a candidate who agrees with you 100%. Grow up and stop whining.

    Oh…and while Lars complains about “fictions,” how about adding “death tax” to the list. A tax on the inheritors of estates has been turned into a tax on the dead. What a flim flam that has been.

    • dian

      obviously you weren’t around when Bill was President


      Debt doesn’t go up unless budgets are approved by the congress after being sent to them by the pres……..who controls the congress that passed the last 2 budgets? I’m not down playing the horrible way that Bush and the GOP have addressed the governmental spending habits but your DNC buddies had their snouts as deep into the trough as anyone else.

      Lets say that the DNC nominee is elected, will you be as critical of them if they continue to deficit spend and increase the debt? All these entitlements that liberals seem to believe in have to get paid with something. Where would you cut?

      Say we pull out of Iraq, which I agree with you on, though for different reasons I’m sure. Does that stop deficit spending? Nope! Say we quit sending aid overseas, will that stop it? Nope! Stop farm subsities?, nope! Get rid of all earmarks, nope! Quit allowing illegals to use social benefits meant for legal citizens, nope!

      If you got rid of everyone of those items I just listed, we might break even on the budget and we would still be running a deficit , due to the fact that we steal billions of dollars from Social Security every year. LBJ and a DNC congress were the ones who voted to allow them to do that in 1968. Strangely, they don’t list that as part of our national debt because it will eventually become trillions more of debt.

      You can scream that George Bush is the the worst president we’ve ever had and I might agree. To absolve your corrupt party of any complicity in the mismanagement of the nations wealth, is almost laughable but extremely typical.

  • Anonymous

    The “death tax” is just plain theft from the living and the dead by the big government supporters

    • dean

      Dian…I must be older than I seem when I write. Yes…I was around. Let’s add up the score. Under Clinton how many died? 1 suicude? Under Bush? nearly 4000 in an unnecesary war so far not counting Iraqis of course. Under McCain? Well…he says he wants to stay in Iraq another 100 years if need be. You do the math.

      Anon…you just proved my point. “taxes are theft by big government supporters.” Let’s add that to Lars’ list of fictions.

      • Harry

        Liberal (and dishonest) dean forgot to cite the whole quote, where he cuts-n-pastes:
        “Anon…you just proved my point. “taxes are theft by big government supporters.” Let’s add that to Lars’ list of fictions.”

        Here is the whole quote:
        “The “death tax” is just plain theft from the living and the dead by the big government supporters”

        What is the difference? “…from the living and the dead…”

        That is what is so corrupt! The Government will take what rightly belongs to you and your family, just because the older family member dies. I have relatives in Eastern Oregon, who own a large family ranch. The older family member died, so now the rest of the (living members of the) clan have to sell off part of the ranch just to be able to pay off the Government because one member died.

        What else is corrupt? Dishonest dean. Instead of quoting the whole comment about the impact to the living and the dead, he selectively edits to suit his purpose of deception.

        dean is dishonest. Another reason to ignore the idiot, along with being a liberal troll, a faulty reasoner, an illogical buffoon, …

        • Harry

          Add to that list of names for dean…. stupid. He can’t figure out how to reply to another’s comment, so he starts his own thread down below.

          He does provide a bit of entertainment laughing at such a fool, but then it is kinda sad as well.

          Whatever names he deserves to be called, his logic is what fails him from persuading anybody except the most diehard liberal. He has the worst reasoning skills of any liberal troll I have seen on any center-right blog.

  • Anonymous

    Lars Larson admitted on his show that he was on the “fringe”, so who really cares what he is tired of.

    • dean

      Harry…you need to think up new and more creative names to call me. The old ones are getting stale don’t you think? But tell me, after you finish calling me more names, how exactly does the inheritance tax affect the dead person? I can understand it affecting the heirs, but….

      And is the tax you are expected to pay on the ranch you are inheriting due to a death, or is it due to you being named in a will and having been given a gift? All gifts over a certain amount are taxable by the way. If you win a million dollars on a TV game show, you pay taxes on that. Why not exempt ALL gifts from taxation? Is it “fair” for the game winner to have to pay a portion to the government?

      Oh…and Harry…how should we pay for the Iraq war if we don’t levy taxes?

      • Anonymous

        The person who inheirits anything does not pay taxes on it. It is taxed to the estate of the person dieing. The person who died already paid tax on his income, but in order to give it to his heirs, the estate must pay tax on it again. Many times this results in the heirs not getting what was intended for them to have. Double taxation, unfortunaately the dead guy isn’t around to argue. Be happy to send you my copy of tax law.

      • Steve Buckstein

        “Why not exempt ALL gifts from taxation?”

        Dean, you’re right, it isn’t fair to tax some gifts and not others. Ergo, we should do as you suggest and exempt ALL gifts from taxation.

  • rural resident

    Politicians will say one thing and do another, or say different things to different groups . . . as long as it works! Just like negative campaigning, which so many say they hate. When voters wise up and stop reinforcing bad behaviors, they’ll go away. If people continue to vote according to 30-second sound bites, bumper sticker slogans, and media hype, instead of becoming informed about the issues and thoughtfully considering candidates’ proposals, nothing will change.

    Dean … Good point about the inheritance tax. We have a unified estate/gift tax with ever-increasing exemptions. At this point, the exemption is fairly high, so a very small percentage of those inheriting property pay it. It has several purposes, including compensating society for lost revenues from the capital gains taxes that are never collected because of the step up in adjusted basis of property at death. Yes, there is some social engineering involved and some element of forcing the very wealthy to share additional resources. I have some problems with the structure of the inheritance tax, but it has to do with the amount of the exemption and the lack of discrimination among various types of property that are subject to it. Harry’s ranch is one of those situations. Small businesses that are not incorporated are another example. At some point, cooler heads with a better grasp of state and federal taxation will come up with a workable proposal that doesn’t penalize people in such situations, but still allows an adequate level of tax revenue to eventually emerge from the property.

    However, referring to this as a “death tax” is an example of conservatives attempting to manipulate the language to distract people from the substance of an issue. Talk about dishonesty! If it were a “death tax,” wouldn’t *everyone* pay it? It’s like the “fair tax.” Anytime I hear someone putting a value judgment in the name of a proposal, I know I can completely disregard it. There’s an old axiom in taxation: “A fair tax is not a simple tax, and a simple tax is not a fair tax.”

  • rural resident

    Anon … I have a copy of the tax law, thank you. Whether there is “double taxation” depends upon the type of property, the holding period, and the difference between the property’s basis and its current market value. The last I looked, the exemption for the federal estate and gift tax was about $2 million. Plus, there are all kinds of devices that can be used to gain additioinal amounts that can be transferred to heirs without tax. And that’s NET — after taking into account any debts of the property.

    Even with housing values soaring over the past decade, not many people end up with an estate tax liability. When people’s net worth gets up into this range, they probably ought to start consulting with someone about tax avoidance (legal, as opposed to tax evasion, which is illegal) strategies. Tax lawyers and consultants are cheaper than the marginal estate/gift tax rates.

  • josh reynolds

    You mean there are people who actually want to hear what Lars thinks? Give me a break. He is a one issue a-one idiot.

  • anon

    What is his one issue?

    Concealed weapons permits?

    Illegal aliens?

    Dishonest politicians?

    Liberal buffoons?

    I thought he was more of a multi-issue guy.

    But josh reynolds sounds more like the A1 idiot.
    “You mean there are people who actually want to hear what Lars thinks?”

    Lars has a huge local following of listeners (who want to hear him), and also a huge NATIONAL audience. Advertisers pay big for Lars.

    Josh, you must be an uneducated liberal fool who used to listen to Air American before they collapsed due to a lack of listeners.

    “Give me a break.”

    You don’t need a break, you need a clue. Fool!

  • Jeff

    I am an Independent for John McCain and hope conservative Republicans won’t drive their party over the cliff because he’s not as perfect as Ronald Reagan.

    The Senator has a 80%+ conservative rating. He’s tough on government spending, especially earmarks. He challenged the “Bridge to Nowhere” and many other pork projects. He’s not afraid to take on the Pentagon and their inefficient procurement systems. He single-handedly pushed the surge in Iraq, something that got Colin Powell banished from the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield cabal (Remember the Powell Doctrine: Win with overwhelming force.). He understands the threat.

    Senator McCain has stated that he voted against tax cuts because they didn’t have any corresponding spending cuts and would increase the national debt. Fact is, Bush and the Republican Congress spent more and increased spending faster than any President and Congress before them. This is a major reason the Republicans lost Congress.

    Is John McCain perfect? No. Ronald Reagan wasn’t either. He was a big spender and the national debt skyrocketed during his two terms in office. Reagan also signed an amensty bill that opened the flood gates of illegal immigration. So, we’ll never get perfect. John McCain is the best choice at this time. He needs your vote.

    • dean

      Jeff…if you are an independent, why do you care if the Republicans drive themselves off of a cliff? Just curious.


    McCain, not corrupt? Can you say Keating 5? The other 4 had the common decency to resign or retire! McCain defense wha that he wasn’t a member of the group long enough to get caught bad enough. E.G. His hand wasn’t caught in the cookie jar but he had the top off and his hand was headed in.