Federal agents stop Iranian bombings in Washington DC

ABC News is reporting that FBI and DEA agents have disrupted a plot to commit a “significant terrorist act in the United States” tied to Iran. The plot included the assassination of the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the US, using a bomb, and other bomb attacks on the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington, D.C.

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  • Guest

    So will the media portray this group as “the gang that couldn’t shoot straight,” and maintain they were never really a threat, as they did all terror plots thwarted during the Bush administration, or will they liken it to preventing another 9/11 and sing the praises of Obama and Holder?  Funny how these guys were busted just as Holder was getting into really hot water over Fast and Furious.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing funny about it. Obozo and Holder needed something to move he focus away from Fast and Furious. I’m sure the MSM is ready with a nice attaboy for Obozo and Holder.

    • Guest

      I just found they only caught one of the guys, and he was busted back in August.  Today was just the press conference.

  • Bob Clark

    Right out of Casablanca.  We’re getting some heat for some stupid decisions we made, say the folks running the White House.  So, we better round up the usual suspects in a show of credibility, say the folks running the White House.

    More White house proclaimations:
    And you bad Iranian suspects.  You are going on double, double probation.  Whoa, Iran must be trembling.  Not!

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