Occupy Scio Event – this Wednesday!

by Bill Post

You all are invited to attend the “Occupy Scio” event on Wednesday, October 19th, in Scio, Oregon. The event will run from 10:00 AM until dusk.

The Albany Democrat-Herald caught the spirit of the event in their October 9th article.

Please come join us – let’s have fun and let’s make America proud!!

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The goals of the event are:

1 – To promote the real hardworking small town America.

2 – To show how capital is re-invested in a community for long term gain.

3 – Fund the next phase of the Big Red Pavilion

4 – All activities are on private property, all banners hung are with approval of business owners and city council members approval.


click here for the “Occupy Scio” event flyer
click here to visit the “Occupy Scio” Facebook page
click here to get additonal background on the event