Three new campaign ads: Paul, Obama & Cain

This Herman Cain ad has already gone viral.

$2 million ad campaign by Ron Paul

This Obama negative ad made it this month on You Tube’s most popular on the web list

What to make of it all?

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  • Was that Herman Cain’s chief of mustache? Taking a drag on a cig in the end almost seems like a deliberate attempt to tell the public “please don’t take us seriously!”

    • Bob Clark

      Yes, I’ve heard this inkling too.  Is Cain serious, or he just pushing the sales of one or more of his wares.  Two months to the first primaries, and Cain doesn’t have much of any organization in the first primary states.  Then too, I recall an Obama representative saying months back who the administration feared most; and he said, Herman Cain.  Which should make one suspicious about Cain.  But at this point I don’t see where we have much of a choice as Romney is bascially a play on a worsening economy over the next year; and Perry seems like a debate disaster.

      You’ve got to go with Cain, especially if your a fiscal conservative like me.  You’ve got to take the cheese that comes with his candidacy in hopes the pizza is half as good as he is selling.

    • valley person

      So were you taking him seriously? If so, on what basis? 

  • Bob Clark

    I like the cigarette drag at the end of the Cain ad.  Cain is definitely a salesman.  But you got to love Cain’s energy.

    Are there any local Cain efforts in the Portland area?  I need to learn more concerning Cain. I am unimpressed with Perry; and Romney is the typical gumbie politician (I’ll go whichever which way the political winds are blowing; or I’m the GOP’s version of flip flopping John Kerry).

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