Obama deep in the pockets of Wall Street

by NW Spotlight

Obama has received more campaign money from Wall Street than George Bush!

An email sent out yesterday by President Obama’s campaign tried to further vilify Wall Street, and touted how President Obama had stood up to Wall Street.

What it didn’t mention is the fact that Obama is the biggest recipient of Wall Street money in over 20 years: $17 million. That’s more than George Bush got from Wall Street ($13 million). President Obama’s contributions from Wall Street include over $1 million from Goldman Sachs, and over $750,000 from both Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase.

Source: Sunlight Foundation’s Influence Explorer on Securities & Investment, and on President Obama

Note: Even a writer on the OccupyWallStreet web site notes “Suddenly Obama newly discovers his sympathy for the OWS anti-Wall Street campaign – he who has been deep in the pockets of Wall Street slavishly doing their bidding.”