Lars Larson: Government looking at disabling cell phones in cars

Are you ready for our “Nanny State” government to not only ban cell phone use in cars, but actually disable them?

I’ve thought that Ray LaHood has been crazy for quite some time. He’s the Transportation Secretary for President Obama. LaHood has actually said, “We’re going to force people to get out of their cars.”

Well, apparently he’s also going to force you to stop using your cell phone.

Simply banning talking on a cell phone behind the wheel is not enough for him. He’s on MSNBC saying, “I think it will be done. Scrambling technology is there and I think you are going to see the technology become adaptable to disable cell phones. We need to do a lot more if we are going to save lives.”

Ready for Nanny State LaHood to be driving behind the wheel with you? He’s not only telling you that you can’t use your cell phone but he’s going to disable it so that it won’t work.

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