Lars Larson: I’m for a new tax

I’m not in fan of taxes, but in this case I’m in favor of a new one.

I think there is a need for a tax on electric cars and those little hybrid gasoline cars as well.

Why? Because they don’t pay road use taxes. All the rest of us pay close to 50 cents a gallon in state and federal gasoline taxes. That’s what pays for the road. So if you think gas cars drive down the road as if they own the road—in fact they do.

 Those electric cars don’t pay a dime and those hybrids pay far less than they should.

The roads costs still need to be covered. So, where I’m usually anti-tax, in this case I’m going to tell you we need a new tax. A use-mileage tax charged to electrics and hybrids.

If that discourages some people from buying those little toys—so be it.

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