Executive Club Tonight: Rep. Richardson, Bob Tiernan

Guest Speaker: Rep. Dennis Richardson
Plus an update from: State Chair Bob Tiernan
Oregon Executive Club Speaker Series

Wed. Jan 5th, 6:30pm
Portland Airport Shilo

Rep. Richardson, a House veteran and one of the most reliably conservative legislators in the Legislature will fill us in on the so-called “50/50 Plan” for House Leadership; the status of the state budget and what can be done to balance it and; what he and Allen Alley call the “Oregon Transformation Project,” their plan to avert the state’s looming economic train wreck! E.C. Editor’s note: Bob Tiernan, Chair of the Oregon Republican Party and supporter of Michael Steele, the Chairman of the National Republican Party, will be at this meeting to give a short update and take a few questions on where he now stands on the Steele chairmanship.